Friday, January 19, 2018

Put on your surprise face... the wedding ceremony Francis conducted at 36,000 feet looks to have been planned in advance!

The article excerpted below was published by Emol Nacional on 19 December 2017.

In our previous post, Another one from the ‘You can’t make this stuff up’ file — Francis marries couple aboard airplane flight Francis’ Flying Circus, we wrote:

Well, it turns out to have been planned as both Carlos and Paula (the steward and stewardess) said in an interview, published on 19 December 2017, how they wanted Francis to marry them while in the sky!

Excerpt begins...

Marriage in the air

Carlos and Paula met 10 years ago on board of an airplane, and there they have lived their lives so far. "It's already our home," he said. Therefore, to receive Jorge Bergoglio there "is an honor for us, not only as a family, but as workers of this company to be entrusted in such a great mission for our company."

In fact, the crew members were chosen as among the best in the company. While Podest was awarded as "Service Leader" this [year] 2017, Ciuffardi won the award last year.

Paula assured that "this is [not only] a recognition that they are giving us, but all those who are here are service leaders, all have been highlighted in some way by the company."

Both were married in a civil service eight years ago and they now have two daughters, 3 and 6 years old.  Nevertheless, they plan to get married in the Church soon, what they didn't manage to do: the date of the marriage was set for February 27, 2010.

"We couldn't get married in the Church because the of earthquake in 2010, the church fell, everything fell, so we started to postpone it, we started working, then our daughters arrived," Ciuffardi said.

Thus, both hope that in January this delayed plan can finally materialize on the plane and be guided by none other than Pope Francis himself. "We would love it, it's our place, it's our second home, it's where we feel safe," Podest said.
(English translation by CMJ)

 Spanish original...

Matrimonio en los aires 

Carlos y Paula se conocieron hace 10 años arriba de un avión, y ahí han formado su vida hasta el momento. "Es nuestra casa ya", aseguró él. Por eso, recibir a Jorge Bergoglio allí "es un honor para nosotros, no solamente como familia, sino como trabajadores de esta empresa de poder ser encomendados en tal magna misión para nuestra empresa".

De hecho, los tripulantes fueron escogidos entre los mejores de la compañía. Mientras Podest fue premiada como "Líder de Servicio" este 2017, Ciuffardi obtuvo el galardón el año pasado.

Paula aseguró que "este es un reconocimiento que nos están haciendo, pero todos los que están acá son líderes de servicio, todos han sido destacados de alguna manera por la compañía".

Ambos se casaron por el civil hace ocho años y ahora tienen dos hijas, de 3 y 6 años. Sin embargo, planeaban casarse por la Iglesia al poco tiempo, lo que no alcanzaron a hacer: la fecha del matrimonio estaba fijada para el 27 de febrero de 2010.

"No pudimos casarnos por la Iglesia porque fue el terremoto de 2010, se cayeron las iglesia, se cayó todo. Así que lo empezamos a aplazar, empezamos a trabajar, después llegaron las hijas", contó Ciuffardi.
Así, ambos esperan que en enero próximo este postergado plan pueda finalmente concretarse sobre el avión y dirigido nada menos que por el mismísimo Papa Francisco. "Nos encantaría. Es nuestro lugar, es nuestra segunda casa, es donde nos sentimos seguros", manifestó Podest.
source: Emol Nacional, Con emoción y nerviosismo: Tripulación del avión que trasladará al Papa en Chile cuenta cómo recibieron la noticia

P. T. Barnum could learn a trick or two from 
Francis and his Flying Circus!


  1. Francis the fauxpe of surprises!

    The Novus Ordo is like a box of chocolates....If you eat the whole thing you'll be sick.

  2. Meanwhile more sodomite porn (and the self-call faithful do nothing!)...

    Archbishop Delpini will bring his own style to the office, of course. He connects with people and he can laugh: Making some announcements at Holy Week services two years ago, he added a few bits of humor to the printed texts he was reading.

    An endorsement from jesuit sodomite pedophile filth magazine is no honor: "For some of these Catholic groups, the (feline catamite pro sexual filth march) day began with a Mass at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill celebrated by Rev. Jordan Kelly, O.P. He pointed out the providential sign that this march should fall on the feast of St. Agnes, who, having vowed her life to Christ against the wishes of her father, walked naked through her village to protest her betrothal. [for this slander of a virgin martyred for the faith named in the canon of the Roman Catholic Mass Fairy Martin got promoted by pedophile pervert bergoglio to the vatican]

    Clarification, Feb. 10: Other versions of St. Agnes’ story differ from the one described above. In one she is dragged naked through the streets by her persecutors. In another, having been condemned, she walks to her place of execution naked. In all cases, God allows her hair to grow to cover her nakedness, saving her from immodesty.

  3. "Thus, both hope that in January this delayed plan can finally materialize on the plane and be guided by none other than Pope Francis himself. "We would love it, it's our place, it's our second home, it's where we feel safe," Podest said."

    "materialize" may be translation choice and not word used in Spanish, but certainly evokes Satan/evil spirit. Plane seems to be a place where Francis feels safe also--to preach heresy. Maybe because the air is Lucifer's domain. Jan 18 is feast of St. Peter's Chair so could also be declaring he is the abomination in the temple. How perverse reconciling couples to the Church outside the Church (in an airplane!), in THEIR home, where THEY feel safe, where THEY are the Service Leaders, according to THEIR plans, where THEY are rewarded for sin and trampling on Jesus Christ. It's official. It's valid--because Greg Burke, opus devil, says so! Wonder if Jesus Christ will validate the actions of the anti Christ because Greg Burke says so. VC2 was to remove the errors of VC1 (ha ha)--having thrown away God's law they have become idolators and subjected themselves to the whims of man.

    “My concern is that we have a serious number of young people leaving [the Church],” he said.

    "According to national data examined by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate’s Mark Gray, the number of Catholics not marrying in the Church is substantial. On CARA’s “1964” blog, Gray noted of 2011, “Only 163,775 marriages were celebrated in U.S. Catholic churches in that year. That’s just 7.7% of all marriages celebrated in the country. Catholics make up nearly a quarter of the population and are no less likely to marry than those of other affiliations. This means that Catholics marrying these days are just as likely, if not more likely, to celebrate their marriages at the beach or country club than in their parish.”

    "Bishop Thomas emphasized that his new policy, in his view, is necessary to prevent a “lost generation,” where the Church no longer has pastoral contact with these couples and their families.

  4. Planned publicity stunt, w/no meaning since his own nephew runs the 'make a mess foundation' in Argentina w/his girl friend and as reported on this site receives holy communion just like Bergoglio's sister does despite her living w/a man she isn't married to (as reported when Bergoglio was elected pope). Maybe that's the real reason no visit to Argentina -- because world press would have a field day w/his own family's irregular sexual situations and yet they're catechists and role models (ha ha) for Argentina!

    Guess bergoglio didn't marry his nephew and concubine in Chile because they didn't want to be married! "José Ignacio Bergoglio is one of Pope Francis' nephews . On Friday he will travel to Chile to try to meet him. He will do it with his girlfriend Marina Muro, with whom she runs the non-profit organization"Haciendo Lío". But he assures that this time he will follow his uncle's footsteps in South America by personal decision. "It's a trip I do on my own, I want to follow it closely, the foundation has nothing to do with this opportunity," he said in a conversation with BigBang . "I really want to be, to see him, I hope I'll have a meeting with him, but it's not always possible, but I'll try to be as close as possible," he adds.
    In the middle of all his itinerary,José will try to be with him. Francisco's visit to Chile begins on Monday night. "I plan to bring you a family photo, I want to give you something more personal, not a mate or dulce de leche, as they say.
    The last time he saw him was in July 2015 José in Paraguay. He did not have preferential treatment , he only spoke with him a few minutes and a photo registered that moment. "I have not seen him in a long time, but we talk every weekend, my mom María Elena, my brother, me, we all talk to him," he says.

  5. Sorry - guess as soon as jose announced he was going to Chile the opus devils and sodomites running the press office put an end to it --as press would have had a field day re: lack of marriage of the nephew, but anyway seems very next day trip plans were cancelled though since I don't understand spanish can't vouch for that:

    The sad reason why the Pope's family will not be able to travel to Chile to visit him
    From Monday night until Wednesday he will be in the neighboring country and then continue his tour of Peru but will not receive visits from his relatives.

    12.01.2018 2:56 P.M.
    March 13 will be five years since Jorge Bergoglio was named Supreme Pontiff, but he has not yet visited Argentina, nor did he receive a visit from his family. He only shared a few minutes with one of his nephews, in June 2015, on one of his tours of Paraguay.

    José Ignacio remembers that moment when he was able to greet him and take a picture with him and he gets excited. But not as all those who approached the maximum referent of the Catholic religion do. It's your uncle, your mother's brother, Maria Elena , your family. Every weekend they talk on the phone and with the proximity of their tour they expected to travel and see it. "We did not travel, I suspended everything", he even told this website after having anticipated that he would follow his uncle by his own means. On Wednesday at noon, José received a call from his girlfriend, Marina Muro, with whom the non-profit organization "Haciendo Lío" is working. I was desperate. As he could, he announced that his father had decompensated. Later, the man died."

    Seems this was announced 12 JAN 2018 - not sure why couldn't make trip since trip was 15 JAN-18 JAN 2018.

    It's not right or wrong but how it looks and yet frannie has the nerve to call other people pharisees (not to mention liars).