Wednesday, January 3, 2018

St. Gallen Group’s Cardinal Martini visited Chabad

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  1. I am critical of the Church's centuries-old policy of not seeking conversion of the Jews. The first Christians were in fact Jews, and conversion of non-Catholics is a duty of the Church. If the Jews had been converted, and assimilated into Christian society, then: in the Middle Ages, the Jews would never have been persecuted or exiled; money lending at interest would never have begun; Karl Marx, as a Christian, would never have written THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO; Jews would not have been leaders in the Soviet Union; Hitler would never have written about the Jews in Mein Kampf, and the internment of the Jews would never have occurred; Israel would never have been founded, and thus many wars would never have occurred. In addition, American Jews would not be so prominent in Hollywood, in banking, and in law; moreover, American Jews' detrimental influence on American culture would never have happened. Jews as a people exist, and all of the consequences of their existence have occurred, because the Jews were never converted and assimilated. The Church failed both the Jews, who are of course condemned to punishment, and the entire human race. Perhaps the evil that the Jews commit against Christians is punishment from God for not converting the Jews.

    And still the Church follows its tragic laissez faire policy, and even worse, now actually approves of the Jews continuing to practise Talmudism.