Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Francis Show in Chile — the “deforestation of hope” tour

a few of the highlights lowlights...

“I found this by chance. It was taken in 1945; on the back is the information. It is a boy carrying his dead brother, standing in line before the crematorium in Nagasaki, after the bombing. I was moved when I saw this [picture], and I dared write only “the fruits of war”. And I thought of reprinting it and giving it, because a picture like this says more than a thousand words. So I wanted to share it with you.” — Francis on airplane to Chile

“What puts you in a bad mood?”

Someone threw at hat at Francis

Hat reads, “Pray for the Chilean family.”

“It’s important you speak and don’t let yourself be silenced.”

The indigenous pagan mess of Mapuche with gender fluid machis (shamans) — does it ever stop?

“The laypersons don’t have to parrot back whatever we say”

Blah, blah, blah....

“Your patronal feasts, your religious dances - which at times go on for a week - your music, your dress, all make this region a shrine of popular piety. Because the party does not remain inside the Church, you turn the whole town into a party.”

“Where vocation is concerned, there is no such thing as a selfie! Vocation demands that somebody else take your picture, and that is what we are about to do!”

Click here, for more on the planned wedding at 36,000 feet.

Popemobile narrowly misses hitting thrown carabinera.

Francis ‘the humble’ shows concern...staged?

Another angle of the accident

Stay tuned....

the circus’ next stop is Peru!


  1. Did his witch (doctor) heal the people? Guess pics of his meeting w/the indigenous witches, commies, pedophiless, and baby killers won't be published by the commie opus devil burke or the pedophile perverts rosica et al.

  2. "fruits of war" are bad, but when you don't even have a brother because of one child policy in commie China or if you're being carved apart so that your organs can be planted in someone else then satan's vicar is on hand to love the killers!

    "Speaking in Beijing where he was attending an organ transplant conference, the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, expressed the Pope’s goodwill, the state-run Global Times reported. “Pope Francis loves China and loves the people of China, its history and population. We hope China can have a great future,” the paper quoted him as saying.

    What if the N koreans are feeding your brother to the dogs--well that's population control and Fran is down w/that!

    If Jerry Brown is killing your brother, well he's a francis hero!

    Those who brag about murdering 10,000 brothers w/a bicycle pump are heroes in Francis' church, while those who protest the killers get kicked out!

    Yeah, Francis honors murdering your brother as long as it's by abortion or communism or socialism --

    Guess if them indigenous people (aka savages) murdered, scalped and cooked your brother, francis would belly up and eat him out of their pot at their satanic devil worship and then laugh about it w/his devil gang of satan worshiping pedophile perverts.

    Just go on a month retreat (or a year's sabbatical) paid for by the faithful where you probably engage in more sexual immorality out of the public eye and then francis appoints you bishop for your child torture and cardinal (and francis won't have no time to meet w/the abused on his trip--absolutely no time--but opus devil burke will lie lie lie for him)!