Monday, February 19, 2018

Francis the Merciful

The Dictator Pope was in a merciful mood.

The kerfuffle between the Vatican and the Diocese of Ahiara in Nigeria looks to be over. Francis the Merciful, resolved the situation when he accepted the resignation of the rejected Bp. Peter Ebere Okpaleke and decided not to proceed with his promised canonical sanctions against the priests of the diocese.  He did however offer them a stern warning to never again repeat such unreasonable actions opposing a bishop legitimately appointed by the Supreme Pontiff!  After much bad press — ranging from lying about evidence of sex crimes in the Novus Ordo church to the betrayal of Catholics in China — here’s Francis throwing his opponents a bone and letting them claim a small victory.  See he really is a good guy!  We at Call Me Jorge... suspect that Francis could care less about Benedict XVI’s appointee, Bp. Okpaleke, because now he’ll get to give the diocese to one of his representatives of revolution.


More Opus (Ju)Dei propaganda to 
rebuild Francis’ faltering image

Look! Francis is a normal humble guy!

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  1. Seems to me letting the people have their way in Nigeria and Scranton (Mahony bowing out due to 'protest') sets the stage for Francis to say he's just doing the same thing in China--giving in to the government's protest of Vatican selections and also Chile, i.e. not removing Barros because he is guilty of pedophilia but to please the people (then Barros can be recycled in a few years). This is also the same thing he did w/Knights of Malta and FFI -- stepped in and removed leaders because some in the orders protested. So Francis comes out smelling like a Team B Rose of consistency, gets his way in China, doesn't admit guilt about Barros and further destroys the church.