Monday, February 12, 2018

Put on your surprise face — rabbinic member of the Pontifical Academy Of Life says abortion is Biblical in certain cases!

We have covered for some time, Francis’ appointment of two Talmudic rabbis to the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy Of Life and how this is an inversion of the academy’s original purpose. Francis said in an address to academy members,
“There is a real cultural revolution on the horizon of history at this time. The Church must, first and foremost, be part of it. In this perspective, it is essential to honestly recognize her weaknesses and shortcomings.”

We previously commented on this statement,
“Francis’ “real cultural revolution” is one which inculcates pewsitters into Noahides compliant with Halakhic law, further processing them into followers of the demented rabbis. We encourage readers unfamiliar with this topic to read [update on the new member of the Pontifical Academy Of Life — Rabbi Avraham Steinberg, M.D.] It should set the reader straight as to what Francis meant when he said in his address that he wants a, “deepening of scientific, anthropological and ethical knowledge, and in service to life.” Francis, in reality, desires a future for the Novus Ordo filled with man-made superstitions, pedophilia, and rabbinic racial supremacy.”

Well, yesterday one of the rabbis that Francis appointed to the academy, Rabbi Fernando Szlajen, wrote an article published on infobae, Aborto a demanda: el crimen como derecho, in which he explains that abortion is fine as long as it is committed under a particular set of circumstances, it’s also even Biblical!  Like the rabbi that he is, Szlajen talks out of both sides of his mouth.  He spends a good portion of the article wailing about unnecessary abortions and the evils of abortion but then gets to the rabbinic loophole for abortion and pins this squarely on the Bible.
“In only one case does the Bible demand an abortion, when the life of the conceptus [the embryo in utero] inexorably threatens that of its mother, resolving that as long as it has not been born, the woman's life is prioritized because her life comes first.  In such a said case, typified under the law of rodef, ‘pursuer’, it prescribes to kill whoever with certainty and effectively threatens the life of another, even when he is not aware of it. In cases of anencephaly, irreversible degenerative or terminal pathologies where the conceptus will inevitably die, typified as tzarrej gadol, ‘great need’, for the loss, causing the siege and the oppression of the person, abortion is allowed with severe restrictions in time and form. Similar criteria apply to women, pregnant from rape, being that they are in serious psychophysical state.”

And there you have it dear reader, a slow step by step inculcation of rabbinic morals which will result one day into a full blown Noahide initiation.  The responsibility for this rests directly on Francis’ shoulders.  Recall our previous posts where we demonstrate that Francis lies with regularity and often plays dumb to those whom he lies.  We expect nothing less than this if Francis is ever confronted on the matter.  Now returning to what Rabbi Szlajen wrote, no abortion isn’t Biblical it’s Talmudic.  If the rabbi had been truthful he would have explained, as we have on this blog, that the Talmud says all abortions are fine until the head of the baby leaves the uterus during birth because, “Before the baby is born, it is not considered a living soul, and it is therefore not subject to the halakhot (law) of murder.” (Koren Talmud Bavli: Sanhedrin Part Two, Jerusalem, 2017, p. 155.)  Further the rabbi would have told his readers that non-Jews do not possess the souls of men but of animals, in other words they do not have souls. 


So the logical conclusion is that the two rabbis believe that abortion is acceptable for Jews as long as the head of the baby hasn’t left the uterus because that’s when the baby acquires its soul and for goyim or non-Jews abortion is okay any time because they don’t possess souls.  Any discussion contrary to this is just the rhetorical trick of pilpul which makes true rational discussion impossible — it’s a sideshow to make a dog chase its tail.  Dear reader, please educate yourself and others about these matters, make personal acts of reparation, and pray more fervently in order that those stuck in the rabbinic insane asylum may escape and learn that their Savior is Jesus the Christ.  Else those in the Novus Ordo church will continue down the perditious road they are on — resulting in the Vatican becoming a shtetl and the churches becoming synagogues with noahides sitting in the pews.



  1. Check out recent Christ or Chaos piece on the "Montini paradigm shift."

  2. Wonder if when baby murdering rabbi speaks of 'the Bible,' he is including the New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

    This is not only cold blooded murder on par w/Hitler and the KKK, but blasphemy and yet not one catholic prolifer will walk out of the VC2 Sect of Satan on account of it.

    "We must now (!blogging since 2009!) be wary of anything that proceeds from the Vatican while continuing to pray and speak out for Jesus Christ and His Teachings."

    I.e. they are ditching the babies and are continuing to pray (to whom is not defined like the Rabbi's Bible in the VC2 Church of Satan) while "speaking out for" Jesus Christ (in their blogs)--as if He needs their speeches. What they need to do is obey His commandments and stop congregating w/the faithless anti-Christs.

    1. Nope, the rabbi isn't including the New Testament. Biblical to the rabbi means that rabbis can twist the word of God from the Pentateuch to mean whatever they want it to mean, no matter how evil or diabolical.

    2. That post has one comment propagandizing lies about Jewish position on abortion: "Don't blame a Rabbi for promoting the official Jewish position on abortion, which is much stricter than the US's laws permit. The blame lies with Pope Francis for appointing someone who, of course, would follow the dictates of his own faith." [his own ‘faith’ get that? Not one faith–we all have our own! So no law possible to criminalize anything–religious freedom! These self-called faithful Catholics don’t even see how they’ve been brainwashed of the Catholic faith]
      That's why more US Jews support unlimited abortion 100% of the time more than any other religion!
      That's why 100% of Jewish senators voted against banning abortions in US after 20 weeks!
      That's why the new Planned Parenthood spa ('work sets you free') mega-death center in DC is called the Carol Whitehill MOSES Center.
      That’s why Jewish ACLU sues U.S. gov’t to pay for illegal alien minor abortions!
      The jewish religion is so strict on limiting abortion, that Rabbi Butcher was blessing and declaring holy notorious Carhart’s baby slaughter house because: Rabbi Charles Feinberg said Jewish rabbinic authorities have always said a fetus is not a person. “Judaism has always said abortion is never murder,” he told the Post. “It may not be permitted, depending on the circumstances — how far along the pregnancy is, how seriously ill the mother-to-be is — but it is never murder. It only becomes that once the baby is born.”
      That’s why Jewish senators insist a baby can be killed after it’s born (Gosnell shouldn’t be in jail!): “I think when you bring your baby home, when your baby is born … the baby belongs to your family and has all the rights.” Santorum persisted: “Obviously, you don’t mean they have to take the baby out of the hospital for it to be protected by the Constitution. Once the baby is separated from the mother, you would agree—completely separated from the mother—you would agree that the baby is entitled to constitutional protection?” She would not say “yes.” Instead, she said, understandably: “I don’t want to engage in this.”"
      That's why Jewish senator’s litmus test for federal judges is holding that murder is sometimes RIGHT: “Senator Dianne Feinstein complained that the qualified nominee believes "the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong."”
      Always say they support to murder the defective, but their laws include no such restrictions!
      Unless to protect animals: “Senators Feinstein and Cardin Introduce Measure to Ban Inhumane Practice of Allowing Hunters to Shoot Wildlife from Aircraft”

  3. The rabbi's argument is no different than that put forward by certain Catholic moral theologians in the name of "the principle of double effect", in which the unborn is also described as an "aggressor". But St. John Paul II decisively rejected that argument, saying that no baby in the womb can ever be thought of as an "aggressor". But now Bergoglio is allowing the argument to be revived, albeit under a different name.

  4. "Double effect" is if I consider Francis as Pope. The main problem in the Church today is because of recognize Francis as Pope. If he is the Pope, they must obey him in his teaching. If I recognize him and do not obey him (in his teaching to the entire Church, including also the ordinary magisterium), I have a different "Catholicism". Totally different from how it was lived for centuries, almost two millennia.
    We now have this problem in China. Because they consider him Pope, they are going to submit to the communist bishops. FSSPX recognizes him and don't obey. The two positions are wrong.

  5. It's just like the perversion of everything else. The Pope is compromised the Vatican has been ((infiltrated)) for a very long time (see E Michael Jones) It is just the continuation of kosher Satanism and supremacy preparing the world for the one world religion run out of Israhell which will be satanism thru their antichrist.