Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Sacred Holocaust Dogma of Judaism

Talmudists are shaking down Poland 
because they have milked Germany dry

#NeverForget that only Jews are allowed to have laws
that punish those who question their fantasies

240 articles or adverts which mention the figure of six million Jews starting in A. D. 1900 and ending in A. D. 1945. (read online) (pdf)

More on ‘Six-Million’ & the ‘Holocaust’:

More Jewish threats:

You can’t question stories like these...

#Holodomor #Nakba #Gulags #AntiGoyite #Bolsheviks
#Occupation #JudaicBullying #NeverAgain #AntiGoyim
#JudaicDemocracy #VictimhoodSupremacy


  1. NAZI holocaust in occupied Poland, bastards.

    I am from Poland. My Grandparents, Jan and Aleksandra Ciukszo, saved a Jewish family during WWII, while risking their own and my Mother's life. They were invited to Israel in the eighties to plant a tree in their honor. They were treated to sate dinners and such. My Mother now wants to send memorabilia back to Israel. I plead with her - not all Jews are like this! Prove it, Jews! Prove your gratitude.

  2. I would sure like you to try to clear something up. You present convincing information that Russia and Putin are colluding with Chabad. That they are in line with the Jewish Libido domanandi. Why are the Chabad interests in the United States trying to start a war with Russia? I am confused. It seems the same interests run both country. Why is Chabad USA wanting to fight Chabad Russia? Please help.

    1. It's a game, like the Democrats & the Republicans in the United States of America.

  3. OK. It's a game. The filthy rich on both sides grow their wealth by playing off one another. Build those weapons and security systems....more and more fear mongering results in more and more lucre. Trump enacts gun control laws that will result in a whole new security system that will eventually bring about the late night knock on the door. Average guy becomes an outlaw hiding his gun. But America and Russia won't blow themselves up. It's a filthy lucre shell game. More fear, more money, more control. Thanks for the answer I think I get it.

  4. Thanks for the material collected from Lynch, it's very good.
    On the other hand, it is the USA the one that surrounds Russia with missiles, not the other way round. It is Russia that suffers sanctions, not the USA. It is Russia that has its elections under American influence, not the other way around. It's USA the one that changes regimes throughout the world, not Russia.
    Poland, for example, is a slave of the USA. If a great war really happens, Polonia will be among the first victims. But they can not say the word against USA. Throughout the West we must have the NATO bases by force. We do not have the Russian bases, but the NATO bases. Putin is a very intelligent and very cold statesman.

    Trump is Ivanka and Koshner. Trudeau is "white Obama", etc. Hillary is perhaps possessed. This is a game? It could be, but Western players are very bad. Between Democrats and Republicans, it looks like a game; in the scene USA - Russia I see it more difficult.

    But what I see is that the Catholic Church was strong until World War II, and something later. It was very important in the world. Today, its apparent hierarchy is at the service of the New World Order. This is the main problem in the world.