Friday, March 16, 2018

‘Disorderly, confused, omnipotent, and charismatic’ Francis compares similarly to the vindictive abuser, Marcial Maciel

video source: Gloria.TV News, A Very Interesting Analysis of Pope Francis’ Personality, 15 March 2018

First of all, the doubt has been removed that Bergoglio may speak in a disorderly way only in Italian but not in Spanish, the language that is most natural to him.

We have received messages from Argentina:

“Even in Spanish Francis is rather disorderly when he improvises, although perhaps a bit less than in Italian.

And from Spain:

“He is disorderly and confused even when he speaks in Spanish. Sometimes he does not finish his sentences. He uses many expressions typical of Argentina, excessively local and informal.”

Having established this, an Italian reader has gone to the heart of the matter like this:

“I believe that Bergoglio’s disorderly and sloppy improvisation is intentional. His jumping from tangent to tangent makes it difficult for the interlocutor to come to grips with anything. This is the case, for example, of the inflight interviews, which he constructs and measures with undoubted political and manipulative skill. A skill that however in the end turns out to be to be short-lived, at least when the journalist presses him.

“As for his recent autobiographical account, the fact that he describes as an age of 'omnipotence' the period in which he was a superior makes one think. It reveals an affective approach to power that turns out to be problematic to say the least. The periods that he calls ‘dark’ in his life are in practice those in which he has no position of authority.”


Also from Italy:

“From an overall perspective, I would say this. There is in Bergoglio the typically Jesuit formative-cultural element, oriented more to the image than to the concept, heightened by a personality that seeks impact rather than real sharing - in keeping with his authoritarianism - all supported by a very acute psychological penetration.

"However, the way in which he has recounted his life reveals a basic ambivalence. That which is the exercise of a power of suggestion and of impression is, at the same time, the expression of an unresolved, fragile personality, with pockets of poorly digested rancor. His political and psychological skills allow him to manage this instability socially. But the result is not constructive. I think that with Pope Francis it may never be possible to define in a clear and crisp manner - and even he does not know this - how much in him is the calculated exercise of a consciously destabilizing power, aimed at setting 'processes' in motion, and how much is the expression of a personality like his own, unstable and thirsty for compensation."

And finally, for now:

“In many ways Bergoglio reminds me of Marcial Maciel, the charismatic founder of the Legionaries of Christ. He too, the pope, must be deciphered from a psychological rather than a theological point of view. I am convinced that part of his secret lies in his family of origin, of which, on balance, we know very little and about which he himself says little and in an evasive manner. I am struck, among other things, by the figure of his sister, Maria Elena [in the photo], with that homeless look and oddball mannerisms.

Both Bergoglio and Maciel have, had in common a strong personality, charismatic, but with that surface charisma proper to unstable personalities. Both are, were allergic to going deeper, to intellectual work. Both are, were masters of the art of dissimulation and with a special intuition in grasping the vulnerable points of interlocutors and bending them to themselves. Both with a mental energy out of the ordinary. Both implacable and vindictive towards the enemies, when these are weaker than they.”

(English translation by Matthew Sherry, Ballwin, Missouri, U.S.A.)

‘Bergoglio Disclosed. Tell Me How You Speak and I Will Tell You Who You Are’, Settimo Cielo (2 March 2018)

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  1. Disorderly, confused, omnipotent, and charismatic’ Francis compares similarly to the vindictive abuser, Marcial Maciel"

    What horse crap! Only God is impotent.

    Bergoglio isn't charismatic ala Maciel. "In his time, the late Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado was the greatest fundraiser of the modern Roman Catholic church. He was also a magnetic figure in recruiting young men to religious life in an era when vocations were plummeting." [Bergoglio places under house arrest (manelli), orders into his office (Knights of Malta), threatens retirement (Wuerl/Papal Foundation). Both vocations and attendance as well as tourism falling under Bergoglio. His papacy was imposed by Ratzinger & Team B: a curial collusion/‘collaboration.’

    Why don't they just call him a liar--which is what he is? "What I can say about Fr. Maciel is that he was a consummate con artist," Fr. Stephen Fichter, a sociologist and former Legion official, told NCR. "He would use any means to achieve his end, even if that meant lying to the pope, or any of the cardinals in Rome."

    So what did he lie about that ratz and the other neocons have turned on him? His communism (see cmj article below re: Hummes)? I think a hint could be found in the pic heading the magister article which is of Bergoglio's sister: women priests (cardinals)? See McCarrick interview w/Charlie Rose @12:43: “Church also faces three issues: ordination of women, divorce, celibacy.” Only one McCarrick takes up to say it ‘probably is off the table’ is ordination of women—gives 1 min 30 second answer about all he’s done for women giving them control of money and power. [Too bad Rose didn’t mention sodomy or pedophilia--but ratz seems to be one too and ganswein has fallen in w/married ministers, new ways.]

    Maybe women ordination would be too much democracy for magister: “The article is worth reading in full because Magister writes (not quoted above) there are three problems facing the Novus Ordo church; 1) the biggest opponent of the Novus Ordo isn't Islam but the secular world, 2) the Novus Ordo church needs to become more democratic, and 3) how to make the Novus Ordo church more "collegial" by having a a “permanent council that would rule the Church together with the pope.” Does this sound like the program of someone in the Vatican you know?

    “Francis has tackled the first problem by smothering the secular world with what he terms "mercy." The second problem Francis took care of by sending out questionnaires to all the dioceses in the world which were in turn filled out by their parishioners. We doubt this is little more than window dressing as Francis already has his planned agenda. He will only use this questionnaire to further things he wants. Lastly, to solve the third problem he created the G8 super-committee to help him rule the Novus Ordo church. To think all this has happened in little over a year! Of course he had Benedict XVI laying the foundation during his almost eight year reign for everything he has accomplished so far. What revolutionary changes are in store for the second year of Francis' rule?”