Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Francis and tattoos

‘Hey your tattoos look interesting, let’s dialogue!’

“And one, a seminarian from Ukraine, asked about tattoos.

Yulian Vendzilovych, a seminarian at Holy Spirit Seminary in Lviv, asked the pope how a young priest is to judge which parts of modern culture are good and which are not. He used the example of tattoos, which many young people believe "express true beauty," he said.

"Don't be afraid of tattoos," the pope responded, noting that for centuries Eritrean Christians and others have gotten tattoos of the cross.

"Of course, there can be exaggerations," the pope said. But a tattoo "is a sign of belonging," and asking a young person about his or her tattoos can be a great place to begin a dialogue about priorities, values, belonging, "and then you can approach the culture of the young."”

‘Pope Francis talks tech, sex and tattoos with young adults’, America: The Jesuit Review Magazine, (19 March 2018)

She isn’t exaggerating, her tattoos and sign say it all.



  1. a tattoo "is a sign of belonging"

    To whom? Satan? Easy victims for VC2 pedophile perverts--imagine the pope giving his pervert gang advice on how to seduce and rape children.