Friday, March 30, 2018

Francis clarifies his recent remarks concerning Hell — SATIRE —

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  1. What does Emma Bonino, Scalfari, Socci, the Dictator Pope authors, blah, blah, blah all have in common?

    Socci ¨converted¨ in mid 90s, proponent of Medjugooo, and suddenly in just a few years writes the book ¨The Fourth Secret¨ and overnight becomes the darling for the Fatima crowd and Christopher Ferrara. However isn´t too convenient that Pope Francis wrote Socci, the so called bitterst critic? It is S.O.P. that the zio HQ would have handed the book to him? Pope Francis knows exactly who he is dealing with.

    Wouldn´t surprise me one bit, nor that Rand Corp set up Trad Forums: Cathinfo, Fisheaters and Suscipe Domine Corp. and when they can´t control them their agents worm their way into Moderator positions as has been done on AngelQueen Forum. Mother of God Forum is probably run out of Israel. Notice how they bump again and again, The Vatican has Fallen and Ireland has fallen because they are trying to manifest it. Blogs are less important but they do use them as well such as The Anonymous Priest. Cathinfo is a wealth of information and datamining. Rarely do they troll the Resistance Forum because it gives information about the locations of Priests such as Where is Father x,y,z? Matthew who doesn´t exist is more than happy to give out their personal information. All this in just the English language same can be said for Italian, French, Spanish, German, etc Catholic websites and news. The best way to control the opposition is to lead them.

  2. Meddling Catholics is a wonderful site. Thanks for posting this, Call Me Jorge.

  3. Call me Jorge please share this news in English
    Carmelita Nun from Argentina says that Bergoglio taught her to recommend the use of contraceptives