Saturday, March 3, 2018

Italian bishops’ newspaper — Avvenire, publishes another blasphemous cartoon

Sergio Staino drawing a cartoon.

The Avvenire, a Roman Catholic newspaper published in Milan, Italy, has an ongoing cartoon, la domenica di Staino, which depicts the life of Our Lord Jesus the Christ.  La domenica di Staino translates into English as the Sunday of Staino.  The Staino in question is one Sergio Staino the cartoonist and writer responsible for the comic strip.  Often times the strip is sacrilegious and blasphemous but this particular cartoon of was so terrible we at Call Me Jorge... had to comment on it.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Staino is a card-carrying member of the Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics.  Keep in mind that this paper is owned by Italian Episcopal Conference, so it is de facto the official mouthpiece of Italy’s bishops.

— English translation —
Jesus: Oh, hi Magdalena!

Mary Magdalene: How do you like it? …Isn’t my headdress nice?

Jesus: Oh my God, let me say yes… Say yes! …Say yes!

Mary Magdalene:  Well?

Jesus: It’s horrible!

Mary Magdalene: [SLAP!!]

Jesus: Father, Father… Why am I condemned to always have to tell the truth?

The whole vignette above sows heresy. The cartoon portrays Jesus and Mary Magdalene as husband and wife having a marital spat.  What happened to the Chasity of Our Lord?  Why would Mary Magdalene slap her Savior?  Why would Jesus question His Father?  Why is Christ reduced to the role of a cuckold with a vain and overbearing wife?  This particular cartoon not only mocks Our Lord but also profanes Him as it inverts and perverts the story of Mary Magdalene.

We imagine that if Francis saw this cartoon, he would laugh heartily, thinking it good fun along with the bishops responsible for its printing.  After all, Francis not only relishes telling blasphemous jokes about Our Lord, he loves doing this.  That this strip was published by the official organ of the Italian bishops should send chills down those who believe the Novus Ordo is Catholic.


  1. Well, it's just like your clip of EWTN--these pharisees who believe the Novus Ordo is Catholic (and themselves also) just wink wink, nudge nudge, chortle chortle at each other over sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance--and then make their photos of dead babies and their rosaries bigger when they virtue signal at abortion clinics.

  2. Apart from been blasphemous , it's extremely stupid and humourless . Obviously written by someone who is trying to depict an effeminate Christ ,probably effeminate themselves.Mockery is a favourite weapon of marxists.

  3. The cartoon is very down to earth, definitely not elitist, very current (society used to expect higher standards of behavior) and... pastoral. Bergoglio loves to twist who God said He is and what He said we should and should not do, to demonstrate his ideas (Bergoglio's) of who God should be and how He should act.

  4. "Why would Jesus question His Father?"
    Why not? He did so from the Cross.
    The daily sacrilege of today's Pope is much worse than this harmless cartoon.

    1. He didn´t question The Father from the Cross. This cartoon is not harmless since it is blasphemous and according to Saint Jerome, blasphemy is worser than murder.


  6. Those darn )ews ALWAYS posing incognito as progressive liberal Gentiles.

  7. But hoodwink the sheeple with a new "Marian" feast!