Tuesday, March 6, 2018

the new evangelization on the beach

Seminarians running with Fr. Pfeiffer


  1. The "Brutal Brides of Christ":

  2. What does this mean? I thought I was fairly well informed but this eludes me. I gather is has something to do with the Dimock brothers and their 'Sedevacantist' position????? Yes?-No?

    1. It’s a demonstration of the absurdity of the seminary being run out of Boston, Kentucky.

  3. Didn't Our Lord give a sermon by the sea side (Matthew 13:1-13) ?

  4. The Traditional Catholic Seminary at OLMC (KY, USA) is probably one of the last few Catholic institutions left where one is still taught the Faith of our Fathers.

    So what are these seminarians taught? Listen to Seminarian Kaldawi narrate a conference address given by Archbishop Lefebvre to his priests in Econe, Switzerland on 6th September, 1990.

    If you want to learn about what our Faith teaches, here is one of the Catechism videos on "The Sacraments" by Fr. Hewko. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKB0wg3iOzI

    To insinuate that this video clip is similar to a Novus Ordo Seminary is cheap, distasteful and quite un-Catholic, especially during the season of Lent.

    1. Fr. Pfeiffer doesn't have all his marbles, he follows in his mentor's (Bp. Williamson) footsteps.

      The quotes below can be found in this video:

      If teaching the following is Catholic...

      "remember that Levi belonged to the same religion that God founded 6000 years ago, when He created Adam as the first head of the Catholic Church. And what did Adam do? He betrayed God."

      "The Church knows that there'll be many popes in Hell. The Church knows there'll be many more bishops in Hell; not only because of immorality, but also because of heresy."

      "Our religion is in God, our truth is in God, and therefore we can be united to a wicked Francis; not only that, but unless we are united to him we cannot go to Heaven. It matters whether or not we accept him as pope, it really does, it does matter."

      "Some say that since we have to disobey him (Francis), it doesn't matter. It is true that we have to disobey him, but it does matter."

      "Who was responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? It was one man above all others, and his name is Caiaphas. And he was the Pope. He was the head of the Holy Church to which we belong. Caiaphas was a superior of our Church."

      ...then please count us out.

    2. Regarding those quotes from Fr. Pfeiffer, some answers and some questions :
      - The Fathers of the Church believed that the Earth is 6000 years old. Do you believe otherwise or in Evolution?
      - The writings of many mystics as well as Our Lady's warnings clearly state that many clergy have fallen or will fall into hell. Do you require Our Lady to spell out the individual or collective Bishops or Pope's mortal sins?
      - If you do not want to say the Mass in union with the Pope, then how are those who follow your opinion any different from the Orthodox who split from the Catholic Church centuries ago?
      - Does saying the Mass in union with the Pope without obeying him, invalidate the sacraments? Do we cease to be Catholic? Are we automatically excommunicated and outside the Church?
      - Caiaphas was the High Priest. If you deny that Caiaphas was responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, then who was responsible? Was it the Romans? Gentiles? Judas?

    3. We SHOULD be in unity with the true Pope: Benedict XVI, who was subjected to pressure, threats, fear & a "duopapacy" manifest error when he "resigned" - therefore it was NOT a valid resignation; therefore Benedict XVI is the true Pope & its why Our Lord presented us with two men dressed in white; remember Benedict XVI said he was not resigning the "contemplative munus petrinus" - therefore he never resigned: he's Pope & its why the Holy Spirit hasn't protected Bergoglio from the rudest forms of heresy - so we would know, by Christ with us, which "Pope" to choose; Benedict XVI is Pope and Bergoglio is an antipope just like almost 40 times in history - you choose the better man, like the LORD said to Samuel, "this is the one." I won't go into all the MORE reasons Bergoglio's election was invalid; just study Universi Domenici Gregis - its clear as day!

    4. Fr.Ratzinger is a heretical, ecumenist,judaizer,and
      is no different from JP2 and Jorge Bergoglio.
      Remember Assisi 3 and the Agnostic Feminist speaker plus the usual band of black magic sorcerers,courtesy of Big Benedict?
      Plus,he WAS NOT consecrated in the traditional rite of Episcopal Consecration.

  5. A part of my original query was in respect to the involvement of the Dimock Brothers. Commentators seem to be studiously avoiding that point.Still all a little confusing also those who choose 'anonymous' as their I.D. create a little confusion...EG is 'anonymous' at 1133,1206 and 543, one and the same person?

  6. If they want to run... fine but not in cassocks and birettas. That makes fun of the dignity of the vocation of being a priest, another Christ. Where’s their minds?

  7. What a low way to attack other Catholics this way. Can’t the poor man go to a beach? I am happy he is getting some exercise because I’m starting to get worried about his weight, honestly.

    Also you need to remember that they (fr. Pfeiffer and Hewko) are running a seminary and those seminarians need to get out of the house and get some fresh air or do some activity once in a while. I believe that is very normal for a seminary.

    This has nothing to do with evangelization or any of the teachings at the seminary of OLMC. If you listen to their sermons: they are as traditional as it gets. I’m not a parishioner, by the way. Just someone from Europe that is glad to find a place to hear sermons about traditional Catholicism SOMEWHERE. Pax!

  8. The major error with these 2 priests (Fr.Pfeiffer/Fr.Hewko) is they don't obey nor maintain the pre-1950 Catholic traditions.
    Their religion & outlook on life are that of a man,
    Bp.Marcel,not the Catholic Church.
    Until they rid themselves of this cult like mentality,error will follow them and possibly multiply.
    Both priests are valid & they do offer valid Sacraments plus some good sermons occasionally.
    I personally wish they would acknowledge Bp.Marcel lived in & belonged to a completely different era.
    We need to delete & omit any change after Dec.1950 as it obviously was a precursor to Vatican 2 and all subsequent abominations.
    If their spiritual Father (Bp.Marcel) was alive in 2018,there is a great chance he'd work with all Traditional Catholics and outright reject the Novus Ordo monster.

    1. Sedes don't prove diddley squat - they have no manifest warrant from Our Lord, Head of the Church, to say that He abandoned His Church without a Pope for 68 years or more: Sedes have failed in Reason, Evidence, Scripture, & in their "Magical Thinking." Their theories are "hooey," or in Ireland we say, "Blarney!"

    2. Calm down you're sounding very incoherent.

  9. Yes, I agree with the above Anonymous... hooey, blarney and what did you say? Get me that red bar of soap! Diddley-do' might be a better substitute for you, mister/miss!

    Sides prove their point so many times over, just do some homework, joannis, the dog ate mine! I really don't feel like rehashing it, because smarter ones have said it better.

    But let me just say, that as far as I can tell, there is absolutely NO precedence for TWO popes sharing the papacy the way these phony anti-popes Bergogliosovitch and Rat-zinger are doing.

    What about the time of St. Catherine of Siena, when there were THREE CLAIMANTS to the Papacy?

    I don't think there's ever been a time as bad as this. Sedevacantism just makes sense.

  10. Glad to see they're getting some r&r, but when do they study?