Friday, April 20, 2018

Edward Pentin interviews Henry Sire (aka Marcantonio Colonna)



  1. Except Sire didn´t write the book.

    The book was handed to Sire just like Nostra Aetate was handed to Father Oster-reich (fake name and fake Priest)and so many others from zio HQ.

    They know that the next Pope will have to act like a dictator in order to clean house so this is an attempt to set up the next one for a fall. As par the course to bash the Church and demoralize Catholics and the Petrine Office.

    Look if they have 100s if not 1000s of students 24/7 changing just Wiki- RT- well what about the #1 on their list, the Church? Dozens of thinktanks examining, trolling, datamining, and analyzing Her members and weaknesses 24/7. They anticipate Her moves and try to counter them such as this book. Why does Rand Corporation run 3 Catholic Trad Forums? For the same reasons and yes they are looking for end time figures. Peter the Roman is number one on their list.

  2. Thanks for posting this informative interview. Henry Sire is an Oxford-educated historian who has done Catholics everywhere a great service in gathering this information about Pope Francis. Unfortunately, Sire confirms the view of those who have already seen through Pope Francis, as many Catholic bloggers have done.

  3. God bless the man for this book. Maybe it lifted the scales off quite a few eyes. If only we had one single Cardinal or Bishop who would publicly identify this pope as a heretic and not to be listened to. We do not have one who will live up to his duties and responsibilities. Not one.

  4. Very interesting comment that Sire didn't write the book. Very plausible as their control is extensive and intensive. But could you follow up with some detail as to say which 3 trad forums the Rand corp controls?