Tuesday, April 24, 2018

‘God Is Dead’ and Francis will help raise Him from the dead

Francesco Guccini met with Francis at the general audience (21 April 2018)

During last week’s general audience, Francis met with an alleged 12,000 people from the Dioceses of Bologna and Cesena-Sarsina.  One of the VIPs who sat in Francis’ private box was none other than Francesco Guccini.  For non-Italians not familiar with Guccini, he is famous for his 1967 song ‘Dio è morto’ (God Is Dead) and,

“has always declared himself an anarchist and agnostic, but it is also true that in several interviews he declared his admiration for the Bergoglio Revolution feeling that it is “true and close to the message of Jesus.”... 
And it is well known that his beautiful and popular song, God Is Dead, was censored in 1967 by the Rai channels where they had not been able to understand the content, which is in fact very clear in the final stanza. Only Vatican Radio broadcasted the song and Paul VI praised the message and the words that speak of a God that is dead “in the extermination camps... With the myths of the race.... With the party of hatreds” but that if “He dies for three days and then rises again... In what we believe... In what we want... In the world we will make.”
Anche Guccini aspetta Papa Francesco, Famiglia Cristiana.it, (23 April 2018)

Dio è morto

God Is Dead (English translation)  
I saw
people my age going away
along the streets that never lead to anything,
looking for the dream which leads to insanity
searching for something they do not find
in the world they already have,
inside the nights which are wet by the wine,
inside the rooms changed by the tablets 1,
along the clouds of smoke
in the world made of cities,
being against swallowing
our tired civilization 
It's a God who is dead,
along the edges of the streets God is dead,
in the cars taken in installments God is dead,
in summer's myths God is dead... 
I was told
that this generation of mine by now does not believe
in what has often been disguised with faith,
in eternal myths of the motherland or the hero
because by now has come the moment to deny
everything that is falsity, faiths made of habit and fear,
a policy that is just progressing in a career,
the concerned respectability, the dignity made of void,
the hypocrisy of who is always with righteousness and never with injustice
It's a God who is dead,
in the extermination camps God is dead,
with race's myths God is dead,
with (political) parties' hate God is dead... 
But I think
that this generation of mine is ready
for a new world and a newborn hope,
a future that already has in its hands,
a revolt without weapons,
because by now we all know
that if God dies it is for three days
and then he rises again,
in what we believe God has rised again,
in what we want God has rised again,
in the world we will make God has rised again... 

Francesco Guccini - Dio è morto (English translation), Lyrics Translate, (16 March 2016).

Simply, the type of person a pontiff would want to meet with.  It’s not like Francis is causing scandal to the faithful or the young.  Francis the ‘humble’ dictator is just continuing in his shunning of traditionally minded music and acceptance of purveyors of filth (Patti Smith and Suor Cristina are two that come to mind) whom he has had as guests at his general audiences.

Guccini has also stated publicly that Francis’ best attributes are his, “profound simplicity” and his “honest consistency.”  So we have an agnostic anarchist singer who declared, “God is dead” in his most famous song and that “God will rise again” when anarchy and chaos create the world that they, “believe”, “want”, and “build”.  It’s not a stretch to infer that in Francesco Guccini’s mind, Paul VI helped kill God and Francis is building the world that anarchists and agnostics want therefore he is bringing God’s resurrection (spoken of in the song) one step closer.  At heart, it’s the Lurianic Kabbalah’s ‘tikkun olam’ or the repairing of the imperfect world which was created by God.  How blasphemous, heretical, and modernist!


  1. And it's all so de Chardin. Chardin was the inspiration of Gaudium et Spes and of all the new theologians, De Lubac, Ratzinger, Von Balthazar, Rahner etc. Raze the bastions....down with the old....evolution towards the cosmic christ and the omega point...sin is not real, hell is not real, we are evolving into a "Civilization of Love" (JP2). Evolution, revolution...the not so secret message of Vat2. de Chardin, who is loved by the Masons, vile theology has much in common with gnosticism such as the kabbalah and Zohar. It is a very Kosher "theology" and our new theologians love it....they just don't openly tell us. Francis is de Chardin evolutionary and revolutionary all the way.

  2. Frankie boy, just loves to plum the depths of depravity. It's where he is most at home.

  3. Pope Benedict's Jewish ancestry. Includes a number of Moravian rabbis on his mother's side. Some may well have been sabbatean.