Thursday, April 12, 2018

Something to ponder...

This entry was posted over at the Thinking Housewife blog last week.  It gives one something to think about when compared to the dross that comes out of the idiot box.  The occult is known for mocking its victims and how more of a macabre jest can one create than pinning crimes on an enemy, that you committed, while letting those in the know you are hoodwinking everyone?

She Hava De Gun

April 6, 2018

NASIM AGHDAM, the woman allegedly involved in what appeared to be a comically staged shooting at Youtube headquarters, does squats joyfully and energetically before her national flag, and to the tune of “Hava Nagila,” in this video. Miss Aghdam is probably on an island beach somewhere right now resting up from her “suicide.”
“Hava de guns, Hava de guns, Hava de guns and we be happy.”

source: Thinking Housewife, She Hava De Gun

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