Saturday, May 5, 2018

Being a Jewish gangster is “kosher” as long as you are good to your mother, follow Halakha, and help Israel.

the Kosher Mafia & “Shanda”

“It didn’t matter what [the Jewish gangsters] did in the outside world; it only mattered what they did and said in the Jewish world.”



  1. The Kosher Nostra walked into the 1958 conclave, either literally or through their appointed messengers, and said we are taking over, get that reality down or you and your families are going to die...understand. Simeon and Levi with Hamor, Cain, Lamech and's all in their tradition. Take over the Church...centuries in the conceiving. Imposter, marrano catholics, imposter council, imposter popes....striving to bring in the one they adore....antichrist.

    1. Pius XII set the stage for the Novus Ordo anti-church revolution.
      1951-1958 witnessed ancient venerable Apostolic traditions being outright destroyed on an unprecedented level!
      He also appointed a future Paul VI to an extremely important post as Archbishop of Milan.
      (The same post held by Bp.Ratti before being coronated as Pius XI)

  2. These apologists for gangsters ask: what could they have done? Here is the answer: what the Italian and Polish and Greek immigrants who did NOT go into organized crime did: work in the mines, as carpenters (woops-I guess that's out!), tailors, stone masons, restauranteurs, railroad workers, police, fireman, auto workers, in other words BLUE COLLAR LABOR.