Thursday, May 3, 2018

Patriarch Elijah of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church excommunicates Francis

These past two and a half months, the video below of “Patriarch Elijah of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate” declaring the excommunication of “pseudo Pope Francis” has been making the rounds.  It is a sad commentary that Catholics are promoting this fraud as an upholder of the Catholic faith and the Orthodox religion.

Patriarch (of nothing) Elijah excommunicates Francis! 

That’s great is it not?

Eastern Catholics recognizing the fact that Francis isn’t acting in a Catholic manner.  Hold on moment, let’s look at who Patriarch Elijah is and what the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church stands for.  The Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, according to their website, is a new church, founded in 2009.

Now let’s examine what they did in their first year of existence.  They wasted no time in excommunicating 197 members of the Pontifical Gregorian University, 14 members of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and 54 members of the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

They were just getting warmed up for they next declared an anathema against the 2271 active bishops of the Catholic Church and 989 bishops emeriti.  All this and their Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church hasn’t even celebrated its one year anniversary!

Now let’s look at ‘Patriarch Elijah’.

‘Patriarch Elijah’ was born Anthony Elias Dohnal in 1946.  He was ordained a priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice in Czechoslovakia in the early 70’s and was active in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal during the 80’s.  In the 90’s he joined the Greek-Catholic Order of Saint Basil the Great and later formed an “experimental community” contemplative branch Order of Saint Basil the Great which was soon was suppressed.  In the early 2000’s the group to which Dohnal belonged split from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church which they accused of numerous heresies, syncretism, and occultism.  The group was soon excommunicated by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church but appealed the excommunications to Rome.  By 2008, the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura issued a ruling which stated that, “The Apostolic Signatura thereby stresses that the UGCC tribunals...were qualified to consider the respective criminal matters, and the sentences of the great excommunication penalty imposed on them are final.”  Soon thereafter, in 2009, Elijah Anthony Dohnal was consecrated a bishop and in 2011 was elected head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church.  Patriarch Elijah has proceeded to excommunicate (as demonstrated above) what seems like the entire world except for one person, his beloved hero, Vladimir Putin.  Oh, and there is that sticky matter that Anthony Elias Dohnal is a KGB agent #23064, code name “Tonek” since before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  We could go on but the above should suffice.

— two more of Patriarch Elijah’s theatrical follies —

Tit-for-tat, excommunicating Benedict XVI and posthumously excommunicating John Paul II in 2011

Declares Jan Hus, a precursor of the Protestant Revolt, a saint!


What a circus!


  1. I, a lay Catholic, find nothing false in what this Patriarch has said. Is he a former KGB? - I would never have guessed based on this action. Catholics should denounce Bergoglio, yet they don't. Why? This man acted as Catholics should.

  2. He is current KGB and his KGB file (if one takes the time to read it) is enough to discredit anything he says.

    How do you feel as a lay Catholic about John Hus the heretic being declared a saint by this pseudo-Patriarch?

    1. Not good.
      Then again, Bergoglio seems to have canonize himself already, in addition to some heretical communists.
      Is this better?

  3. The canonization of Jan Hus is absurd.

    But how do you know he is a former KGB agent? For the information of a Ukrainian website?
    These people report that the seminarians of the Ukrainian Catholics ("officers") set fire to the chapel of their nuns.
    On the other hand, the bishops in the USSR had permission to order other bishops in secret. Pius XII still allowed it. Their ordinations may be valid.
    It is interesting on the other hand what they reported about the revolution in Ukraine and the involvement of Catholic (official) parishes. They sent buses to protests in Maidan.

    1. Here's a link to from 2011 concerning his file and where to download it:

      The search of the database for his file:

      An example of the Saint Procopius of Sázava from monastery run by ‘Patriarch Elijah’ and his Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church:

  4. So,he was ordained in the
    "new Paul VI rite" or the Eastern Catholic Rite of ordination during the early 70's?

  5. I do not see anything wrong that the Patriarch has said.
    Pope Francis is not a true Catholic.
    What is the proof he is a former KGB??

  6. They are technologies of lies with which they attack the Patriarch who speaks the truth. Why are all the bishops and cardinals accused of apostolic affairs within the Church?

  7. Dohnal is right in everything. He is a scholar and a man of truth