Friday, May 4, 2018

the strange wakes of Opus Dei

Recently, we received a question asking us why we refer to Opus Dei (formally known as The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei) as Opus Judei.  There are several reasons for this, the strongest being that many of the teachings of José María Escriba resemble Talmudic Judaism if not are borrowed from it. Below is one example of borrowing from Talmudic Judaism. The wakes of the founder of Opus Judei, José María Escriba, his successor, Álvaro del Portillo, and his successor, Javier Echevarría, are bizarre. Have you ever seen a Catholic laid out on a carpet on the floor?

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José María Escriba reclining on a carpet for his viewing.

Another view of José María Escriba laid out.

John Paul II came to Álvaro del Portillo’s wake which was carried out in the same manner.

Video of John Paul II visiting Álvaro del Portillo’s body

You guessed it, Javier Echevarría lays on the floor for his wake too!

Excerpt from Rabbinical Seminary textbook — Jewish rules of mourning — endorsed by chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni.

Seminario D. Almagia, Carcucci Editore, Roma (1980), p. 17

The uses concerning the care of the dead are marked with extreme simplicity. (M.C. p. 355) About 20 minutes after death, the body is stripped, covered with a white sheet and then [put] lying on the floor.” 
[English translation is CMJ’s], Jewish rules of mourning: notes of a course from the Seminary D. Almagia, p. 17.

Talmudic Jews reciting Kaddish over a dead body.


Isn’t it?


  1. Yes, it may seem strange, but not the proof of non-catholicity. Opus Dei was approved as "pious union" under Pius XII.
    Their problems today come from the acceptance of the post-conciliar popes. But the situation with Francisco may well cause the schism in that prelature. For example, Antonio Livi was a priest of Opus Dei who signed the "filial correction to Pope Francis." It is no longer Opus Dei. Obviously the pressure from Rome.
    Don Antonio Livi: The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

    In the Spanish Catholic website Infocatólica, an Opus Dei priest, Jose Luis Aberasturi, was very critical with Francis. He was ordered to be silent. Personally I think that if Francisco finally decides to change the Novus Ordo introducing the rite without consecration, that fact will cause a rupture in Opus Dei, if not open rebellion.

  2. Strange....well maybe but not if you consider one of the principle constructors and executioners of Vat 2 was Joseph Ratzinger who has 9 rabbis on his mother's side including the Maharal of Prague ..yea he writes and sounds like an enlightenment rabbi...but move along you have Montini wearing the ephod of the Jewish high priest, I guess Caiaphas wore the same thing and JP2 wearing a mantle for the 2000 jubilee made up of the colors of the Jewish high priesthood. See, nothing strange here....and I love the theology of the Francis guy, so much of it sounds so kosher like the god of surprises.

  3. Álvaro del Portillo went to the Holy Land on a mission for the Holy See. An old rumor was that he didn´t give them what they wanted and on the flight return in the Holy Land they M...... had allegedly placed a needle in his airplane seat. When he sat down he felt it and consequently instant heart attack. Recall a few years back Pope Francis didn´t bother or want to Beatify him in Rome but in Madrid. This little known factoid made that rumor much more interesting. He may have been a martyr.

  4. Right, Álvaro del Portillo died suddenly just after returning from the trip to the Holy Land.
    More striking questions: the new Prelate of Opus Dei has not yet been ordained bishop. Francis does not want it, after more than a year of election.
    The candidate of Francis was Argentinean Mariano Fazio, who came to Rome with the appointment of the Vicar General of Opus Dei. Many have seen Francis's hand in that movement. It seems that he wanted Fazio to be a new Prelate.
    Fazio was known for a scandalous declaration in Argentina: "we want to shout freedom, fraternity, equality", presenting it with a "Christian sense". But it has been a scandal.
    The members of Opus Dei did not choose Fazio. The new Prelate is not the bishop. Antonio Livi expelled. Francis annuls everything that seems resistant to modernism.

  5. Pope Pius XII made a lot of theological mistakes (like changing Holy Week) and allowed many progressives free reign (like Annibale Bugnini, freemason, who wrote the “new mess”). I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in anything he approved.

    1. amen! i say he's like the construction crew that sets the charges in place and then waits for the detonation... but wait, he was sooo holy. i remember reading a book called "La Popessa" . It's an account of Sr. Pasquelina, his personal assistant, and i believe she administered an injection to Pius XII every evening or so, to calm his nerves, build up his strength. Hmmm...

    2. Pius XII also destroyed the ancient venerable after midnight Holy Communion Fast.

  6. Monsignor Escriva's name is misspelled: it it not Escriba! And Mary Manello is wrong that Pius XII made theological mistakes. He died before Vatican II began. Mary, do you mean John XXIII or Paul VI?

    1. José María Escriba is the named he was given by his parents when he was born.

    2. "And Mary Manello is wrong that Pius XII made theological mistakes"
      No, actually Mary is CORRECT. Appointing Annibale Bugnini to reform Holy Week is a 100% DISASTER. If Pius XII simply was naive and did not know who and what Bugnini was than this is even more damning. He was likely a better pope than JP2 the awesome since he at least declared a dogma of Our Lady but his lapses in judgement on a few items were CRITICAL. Also, as a post Fatima pope he goes on the list of popes too cowardly to do as our Lady instructed and consecrate Russia. Remember the secret was to be read in 1960 (after hist time) but all the popes up to the present day since 1917 have known they were supposed to consecrate Russia.

    3. Private revelation is not required believe for Catholics.
      Secondly Pius XII,on paper,was the first modern progressive
      He was a one man wrecking crew from 1951-1958.
      He gave the Liturgical Change Commission his full blessing be & approval.
      Pius XII also appointed a future Paul VI to a an extremely prominent position as Archbishop of Milan.

  7. Yes, he changed his name to make it more distinguished, certain authors conjecture. I'm no fan of Escriva but his changed name is usually used now. I believe Opus Dei has many "cult" elements; readers may want to check out Randy Engel's "Opus Dei Watch" for more information--in addition to what you present here.

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