Tuesday, June 26, 2018

the new evangelization is a roller coaster of chaos

The Novus Ordo is total clownery.

How many takes did these two idiots shoot in order to make a mockery of the Catholic Faith?

source: facebook, Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1 June 2018

Has there ever been a more apt metaphor for the post-conciliar church?


  1. Classic Novus Ordo fail. It's safe to assume that they honestly believe this is a way to go, but it's an utter folly. NO Antichurch is dead, it just doesn't know it yet.

  2. How "with it". Where is their Bishop? Sophomoric!

  3. RadTrad Thomist high tech expose of the false Lucys due tomorrow. This will blow the lid off the fake Vatican 2 church, owned and operated by the masonic kosher nostra....will anyone report it..will anyone care?

  4. At 15 seconds 'vocations director' makes devil sign. Certainly will direct to mock the faith any 'priest' who doesn't already.

    Note how they brag about their names and positions -- even as they mock Our Lady and Jesus Christ (and reveal their sodomite cowardice and frantic desire for attention (esp the vocations director)). Wonder if they are some of the petitioners that prevented the Report on Pennsylvania Catholic 'priest' child molesters from being released because they have a 'right to their reuptation.' [Wouldn't let my child anywhere near either of these two satanic demons or their black mass (w/the only collection being one's soul).]

    “Most, if not all of the petitioners alleged that they are named or identified ... in a way that unconstitutionally infringes on their right to reputation and denies them due process based upon the lack of pre-deprivation hearing and/or an opportunity to be heard by the grand jury.”

  5. The N.O. Church is dead. They just haven't buried it yet.