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Trump’s ‘Israel Policy’ is Israel’s

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the Zionist State of Israel.

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source: Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family - Emily Jane Fox, epub, (2018), ch. 3 Elecction Day,  pp. 69-73.

Jared Kushner has at least one thing in common with Francis, both have davened at the Western Wall.  The jury is still out if either zivugs when away from the cameras.  Notice the author states that Kushner has, “the same kinds of values and priorities” that the congregants of Kehilath Jeshurun have.  What are these value$?  Simply, the only thing that matters is the ‘Yiddish gang’ everything else is just $.

One of the things left unsaid by the author is that even though Jared Kushner is Modern Orthodox, he and his wife Yael (Ivanka) attend services at a Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue when in Washington, D.C..  Yael’s conversion was overseen by rabbis at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in New York City. For those who don’t know what a Modern Orthodox Jew is, Michael Hoffman has given the best explanation of the group, “The “modern Orthodox” as they are known, to distinguish them from Hasidim, are heirs to the zealous Talmudism that pre-existed Hasidism (which arose in the 18th century). They number in... tens of thousands of other movers-and-shakers in government, business and media. The modern Orthodox operate Yeshiva University in New York, which includes the prestigious Cardozo School of Law, whose graduates often become elite government and corporate attorneys and staff powerful non-governmental agencies such as the ADL.”

Jared Kushner attending services at ‘The Shul’ Tisha B’Av.

The Chabad-Lubavitch services the Kushners attend in Washington, D.C. are held at ‘The Shul’ Tisha B’Av.  It’s rabbi is Levi Shemtov.  Levi is the son of Abraham Shemtov, the Chabad rabbi whom lobbied then President Jimmy Carter for a Chanukkah Menorah on public grounds. This menorah transformed from small in stature to a huge anti-biblical monstrosity.  The Kushners have even gone so far as to hold Talmudic Friday Shabbat dinners at their Washington D.C. residence with Rabbi Levi Shemtov.

Returning to Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, its rabbis have condemned the alt-right.  These are nothing more than crocodile tears as the alt-right’s godfather is none other than Paul Gottfried, who was a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.”  Donald Trump was elected in part because of the support of the alt-right which has some strange bedfellows.  One of the alt-right’s Neo-Nazi websites, The Daily Stormer, run by Andrew Auernheimer (aka Weev) was for some time run out of the same apartment as Kushner’s fellow Chabad-Lubtavicher and tech-jew, Alex Pilosov resided in.   The alt-right is nothing more than Talmudic controlled agitprop.

Why was Donald Trump going to AIPAC to speak in the first place?  President John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department ordered them to register as foreign-agents back in 1962 when they called themselves, the American Zionist Council.  Nothing that a name change and re-branding can’t care of.  (Something that those who attend the FSSPX’s masses want might to be mindful of.)

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a foreign agent

We could write much of Sheldon Adelson but it will have to save for a future post.  The Trump’s have been willing partners with the Kabbalists all the way from at least the time when Frederich Trump co-owned a liquor brothel with Ernest Levin in Canada.  Sometimes the Trumps fleece Am ha'aretz as Fred did courtesy of governmental financing but it is always for the benefit of the rabbis.  When one is a player at this diabolical-narcissistic game the only rule which counts in their book at the end of the day is Shanda.

Why did Kushner look to Israel in order to get Trump’s speech and policy?  One has to ask, ‘How loyal is Jared Kushner to the United States due to his bitter family lore?’  The Talmudists have portrayed Trump as ‘Cyrus the Great’ on a temple coin, while Netanyahu compared them in a speech.  Not only does Cyrus rebuild the temple for the Jews, he brings them out of exile back to Palestine.  That’s what the Talmudic alt-right’s end game is as well, for the Jews have become to accustomed to the West and intermarry in too great a number for the rabbis.   It’s time to herd them back into the rabbinic ghetto by making the West undesirable to the Am ha'aretz.

Which returns us to our topic, who is calling the shots from the White House?  It isn’t someone who has this country’s interests at heart or God’s.  It is a body of people who believe that God makes mistakes which need correcting because they delusionally see themselves as a ‘collective messiah’ who bring about their promised reign — a hell on earth for everyone else.  The sad thing is that Francis could if he wanted, help liberate these people from the collective nightmare of a cult they belong to with the Gospels but instead he confirms them in their delusions and helps keep them in their mental ghetto.  Not only that he is actively working to admit the pewsitters to this hell on earth.

Jared Kushner & Jason Greenblatt coordinate with Benjamin Netanyahu (22 June 2018)

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