Monday, July 16, 2018

Is Mr. William Edward Moran holed up with supporters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary?

On 7 November 2015, Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Hewko issued a statement stating, “after further investigation... [we have] decided not to associate with Archbishop Ambrose Moran.”  They apparently do not have any problem with the supporters of Pfeiffer’s Resistance & Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary putting up ‘bishop’ Mickey Mouse in their garage.

9 May 2017 — Fr. Pfeiffer, Fr. Hewko, and seminarians in the kitchen

9 May 2017 — stacking brush and dead wood

Same house and property in September 2017

21 September 2017 — evening prayers with Fr. Hewko

What’s going on here?  Perhaps, ‘the Great Monarch’ will get to the bottom of the matter and sort it all out if ‘the Mexican Exorcist’ hasn’t already beaten him to it.


  1. I believe Moran is now affiliated with Bishop Macek and Fathers Hall and Tetherow. Not sure of his affiliation Paul the Hidpanic.

  2. Who ordained & consecrated
    Bishop Macek?
    I don't know why Fr.Pfieffer doesn't contact
    Bishop Thom Sebastian in California for Holy Orders in his seminary?
    He has valid Holy Orders via the Duarte-Costa line.

    1. Macek was Novus Ordo. "Ordained" by JP2, worked as a secretary for a N.O. "cardinal" became a trad and was conditionally ordained and then consecrated by (valid) Bishop Taylor.
      Why hasn't Fr P contacted Bishop Sebastian? Well, that would be the smart thing to do. Can't have that with the SSPX-MC.
      Not sure why Monsignor Sebastian has not reached out to other trads and ordained and consecrated men to major orders. Maybe he sees the independent traditional movement as a collection of prima donnas, misfits, and crybabies. (I'm referring to the clergy)

    2. It is most likely a mixed bag of 21st century Trad-Catholic dysfunction.
      I know some trads balk at the Duarte-Costa line because they see it as
      Sacramental theology teaches a validily ordained/consecrated Bishop & subsequent candidates confer valid orders when using the traditional rite of Holy Orders.

    3. Macek was consecrated by +Adamson the same day +Taylor was conditionally consecrated by +Adamson, Thuc-line.

      The Duarte-Costa line as broken a long time ago, when Costa was excommunicated to the severest degree (can never come back). THEN he consecrated bishops. That line is NOT Catholic.

    4. Was Macek & Taylor conditionally ordained before being consecrated?
      If it's from the Dattesen line no one knows if Bp Thuc conditionally ordained him before conditionally consecrating him.
      Duarte Costa line is valid long as someone uses a Bishop who can trace their ordination and consecration back to
      Bp.Duarte-Costa or one of the first line of Bishops stemming from him as they were ordained Catholic priests before the schism.

  3. +Macek was consecrated by +Adamson the same day +Taylor (old catholic) was conditionally consecrated.

    +macek is working with fr. Hall and mr. tetherow via the guild of st. Peter vincula. Mr. Cordaro is good friends with tetherow.

    +Macek is an auxiliary bishop of Moran.

    Moran conditionally ordained fr. Poisson (ex-FSSP), at the request of fr. Pfeiffer. Fr. Poisson is working at OLMC in KY.

    Orthodox, perverts, laicized, lay exorcism, what a mess OLMC is. So sad.

    1. So Moran received his orders straight from the Eastern Orthodox?

  4. Duarte-costa is NOT legitimate. It is NOT Catholic. All bishops of the duarte-costa line were consecrated after they were excommunicated.

    Only the last 4 consecration s of thuc are legitimate.

    1. You're wrong as Thuc Lefevbre and Mendez lines are all valid.
      Duarte Costa line per sacramental theology is valid.
      You're confusing excommunication with validity which are apples and oranges.

  5. You are confusing validity with legitimacy.

    A rabbi is valid. He is a valid rabbi. A minister is valid. He is a valid minister.

    The duarte-costa line is not legitimatly catholic since the excommunicado vitando was handed down by the Holy See.

    Just as moran is not legitimately Catholic. At best he is a non-Catholic orthodox priest.