Monday, July 2, 2018

Sheldon Adelson’s “thug life”

Sheldon Adelson says it’s unfortunate that he served in the US military instead of the IDF and that he hopes his son will one day serve in the IDF as a sniper.

IDF sniper shirt

The “thug” snaps his fingers and the pet Trump jumps.

Deceit & Lying “in the interest of peace” with rabbinical arms dealer Shmuley Boteach & Sheldon Adelson dictating Iran policy

North Korea (the playground of Vladimir Putin, Semion Mogilevich, and Sheldon Adelson) comes to Sheldon Adelson’s Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to discuss business.


  1. Oh Morris I just LOVE Sheldon...I dooooooo!!
    (Spoken in Long Island NY accent)

  2. Are the wicked Jews...I refer to the truly wicked ones...the ones that now run the west and the USA and perhaps the world...more wicked than Satan and the demons? The demons have a limited power....they can do so much and not more. They cannot directly crucify God. The vile Jews can and did. True haters of God and humanity. Is it not possible that even the demons look at these creatures and marvel at their evil?

    1. Is it possible they're under willing direct control of Demons & Satan?