Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 7

Is Francis projecting his thoughts and feelings about himself?

After all, he did say, he “often think(s) about it [the tiredness of priests],”  and remember those, “who experience fatigue and loneliness in their work as a pastor.” It’s not hard to imagine Francis looking in the mirror and repeating to himself the following mantra especially after his many recent failures, “remember that the people love their priests, need them and trust in them.”

Recall back when Francis had his first television interview during World Youth Day Rio 2013, when he said, “I can’t live alone. I can’t live confined, I need the people’s contact... I stay in Santa Marta due to psychiatric reasons, so I don’t suffer from this loneliness...”?  Then there are his recent falls that happened in Switzerland as he was getting off of the bus and during his Novus Ordo mess.  Could it be that running his revolution 24/7 and his age are finally catching up to him?  


  1. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Comunicado_4_julio_2018

    empiezan los aprietes del nuevo orden mundial

  2. May it please God to bring this horrible Pontificate to an abrupt end.

  3. Don’t forget that he only has one lung!

  4. Being Soros's puppet and the worst Pope of all time must be tiring.

    1. Paul VI & Pius XII come in a close 2nd & 3rd.
      JP2 & BXVI deserve honorable mention due to their Judaizing & Idolatry.
      At least Jorge Bergoglio doesn't pretend to be anything other than a Communist Noahide.
      There is something to be said for Honesty.

  5. Nobody is more tired than a soul trying to out run truth. Outstandingly pathetic!

  6. If The vatican was in perfect cadence with anomalies, it would have pressed out Benedict the moment obama became president.. and introduce bishop b. A bit earlier. But 8 yrs of obama and potential more with Hillary would
    "Gag a maggot"

    So how much longer for bishop b.?
    8 yrs. Cause history repeats itself.