Monday, August 27, 2018

Edward Pentin reports Abp. Viganò, “is concerned for his own life”.

(begins at 3 minutes 49 seconds & ends at 7 minutes 43 seconds)


  1. Blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church

  2. 'Thanks for your persistence and prayers, but the Fr. Haley you once knew is dead; "murdered".

    (He is currently excommunicated by the Vatican; and has been forcefully dismissed from the priesthood by the Vatican for violating a personal precept of silence. He will now incur another excommunication for violating the Pontifical Secrecy prohibiting him from revealing the above.)"

    I have also read/heard that Vigano could be subject to the same penalties because his letter violated the same precepts. If this is true, then none of the cardinals/bishops/priests can reveal anything w/out permission so those who are calling for them to be fired/resign for 'lying about what they knew and when they knew it' are themselves dishonest.

    It's also dishonest to demand Wuerl resign for things he did prior to 2002 zero tolerance? All act like the bishops did these things at their own discretion and not in consultation w/the nuncio and Vatican.

    I am especially sick of the grandstanding of those Rip Van Winkers who pretend like they just woke up to demand that everyone ELSE who knew ANY thing resign right NOW for not have done SOME unnamed thing. Why didn't Burke do something? He didn't know about McCarrick? Sipe's evidence was public and all over the internet.

    Noticed one of Burke's boys is now bishop of Guam (so he's still getting his bones). Not sure this isn't a mafia gang war being spun as a holy crusade to the lay fools (when really just fighting over the bones and/or trying to increase (paying) circulation).

  3. Too bad Vigano didn't tell what he knew about the conclave and Benedict's resignation. [He lied (shamelessly) about JP2 also.] Did pedophile (and I'm pretty sure he was abused himself as child) McCarrick throw it in Benedict's face the way he did Vigano's (apparently didn't attend the actual announcement). [Was it money or sodomite scandal? Did McCarrick arrange w/Obama for credit to be cut off to the Vatican or did he get it started back but only if Benedict would resign?]

    ROME — As fate would have it, 82-year-old Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was in Rome on Monday, the day Benedict XVI made his historic abdication announcement, having arrived from a wedding in Malta. He actually planned to attend that morning's consistory of cardinals, having no idea what was to come, but arrived late enough he didn't make it.

    Obviously, he now wishes there had been an earlier flight.

    Despite his age, McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington, keeps up a hectic travel schedule and has a wide network of friends among senior churchmen on every continent, giving him a firsthand sense of the thinking in various corners of the world. Although he won't vote in this conclave, he took part in the election of Benedict XVI in 2005, giving him a unique perspective on the differences this time around. He'll also participate in the daily General Congregation meetings of cardinals before the conclave begins.

    In terms of the politics of the American church, McCarrick is sometimes seen as a leader of the more liberal wing of the American bishops, though he generally likes to talk about the importance of the "center."

    McCarrick sat down for an interview with NCR on Feb. 14 at the North American College, the residence for American seminarians on Rome, to discuss Benedict's resignation and the dynamics of the looming papal election. The following is a transcript, edited for style.

    Now that we're three days after the shock, what's your reaction to Benedict's decision?

    I have a great double feeling for the Holy Father. No. 1, though I don't know him as well as I did his predecessor,