Monday, August 20, 2018

Feliks Koneczny on the anti-Christian roots of Hesychasm and Bogomilism

 The Byzantine Civilization (vol. 2) - Feliks Koneczny

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  1. Feliks Koneczny is a long forgotten and repressed historian. His view on history is the theory of civilizations is unique and explains history. "Man cannot be civilized in tw way"

  2. In the fifteenth century Bogomils converts in large numbers to Islam in the Balkans. Others (Bosnia and Herzegovina) converted to Catholicism due to the evangelization of the Franciscans.

  3. A very interesting read, though perhaps aimed at an academic readership. A more accessible and widely available book on dualist religions is by Yuri Stoyanov. The author considers that the dualist religious outlook likely entered Europe from Persia in the trail of Iranic tribes migrating with Slavic peoples. That would explain the Bogomils but the Cathar heresy is more difficult to explain, possibly a Saracenic influence.

    1. I believe the Catholic Encyclopedia article states that it was brought to the South of France by an Italian woman whose name is lost to history.