Tuesday, August 21, 2018

“The Gay Mafia mutual admiration society”


  1. Definitely card carrying members. If papa really has not yet seen one, he should ask them to display it for his viewing.

    Who is he kidding? He appreciates their unique gift to the Church, and works tirelessly to elevate it to its proper status.

  2. https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/faithful-lay-catholics-demand-synod-on-young-people-2018-be-cancelled-petition

  3. Who cares about the gay mafia? What about those (supposably) reporting on the gay mafia--who is controlling them and why are they lying?

    I watched the Voris Neumayr interview and at 14:59 -- california jesuit (U San Fran philosophy magna cum laude 1994) trained neumayr states mccarrick endorsed sodomite civil unions in the first or 2nd year of pope francis' pontificate. Maybe. But McCarrick first endorsed sodomite civil unions in June 2006 (his retirement had been announced, but he was still Archbishop).

    Also it was a 16 year old "post pubescent" McCarrick abused. The 11-year old in the NYTimes--he ain't mentioned--at least Neumayr mentions the 16 yr old.



    Neumayr further blames Wuerl for Always Our Children & states that Wuerl has such a group meeting at the Cathedral in DC. That group is led by Msgr. Ron Jameson and it was probably begun under Hickey. Jameson has had free rein in the ADW at least since then.



    Same w/Wuerl's penthouse--it's the same place McCarrick lived w/Farrell.


    If Wuerl gives communion to pro-aborts, doesn't Dolan? Cupich? Tobin? O'Brien? Burke (though he says it's wrong) & O'Malley? Wuerl is 77. Why not get Cupich & Tobin & Farrell who are a lot younger and were put in place by McCarrick? Why not get Dolan who prances around w/his lector/lover Mo Rocca (who also serves on the scholarship committee for poor NY youth) and leads sodomites in the St. Pat's Parade? Why not the sadist Edwin O'Brien who's certainly abused as many seminarians as McCarrick?



    If Wuerl is a liar about what he knew, what about Ratzinger? aka Catholic says the ? no-one is asking is where is the dossier (!) -- the real question no-one is asking is why didn't the good "true" pope Benedict do something about McCarrick or any of the other sodomites (perhaps look to his own seminarian secretary ganswein & how many others cycled thru the CDF to become bishops & archbishops (like Charles Brown)) in 2008 when Sipes addressed his open letter to Benedict? Benedict knew in 2008! [What can a cardinal or bishop do if the pope, their boss, does nothing? Why not ask that question?]

    [Of course, the priest that wrote to Cardinal O'Malley wrote to JP2 before McCarrick became head of ADW]

    Then you go to 1 Peter 5 and it's Bergoglio that has changed everythin' in 4 (four!) years. Annulments (divorce) didn't go from 300 to 30,000 a year during Paul 6--it's all Bergoglio. Sodomy wasn't a-okay under JP2 even though the topless woman mass happened in 1984, woman jesus took place at Denver WYD in 1993 (and all these sodomites were appointed and ordained under him) and sodomite civil unions were first legalized while he was still alive.



    The bishops are liars and manipulators, but just like in Jesus' time: so are these scribes. Liars condemning others for being liars is a pastime for fools.

  4. Anon's remarks on Neumayr and the gorilla in the living room are right on. The gorilla is supposedly PF's making but this completely ignores the very traceable dots back to previous CEO's of the novus ordo operation. HOW did the McCarricks, Wuerls, Mahoneys, Bernadines, and Bergoglios get into these key positions despite available information that would have kept them out under serious and responsible popes. The answer is repulsive. The were promoted bc they were corrupt and perverted. From the time that Roncalli raised a 29 year old nobody from a nothing diocese in SC to the stature of papal chamberlain (Bernadine) who would go on to become the most powerful cardinal in American history, the novus ordo CEO's have been deliberately promoting the corruption of the clergy. Pay no attention to whatever theatrics they may have produced pretending to be concerned about this, their actions and lack of actions speak louder than their words. The Novus Ordo is a cult bent on the total destruction of catholicism and christianity, a corrupt nd perverse clergy is the quickest route to attain this.

  5. Remnant petition to stop the 2018 synod and gets 1972 signatures

    Winnie Obike (a devout catholic!) starts a petition to get rid of Wuerl (like where's the one to get rid of Cupich, Farrell or Tobin all put in place by McCarrick? To get rid of Dolan, O'Brien, O'Malley or Mahoney?) and 60,000 have signed (WP subscribers, Tobin thugs?):



    When did the WP EVER declare pedophile priest abuser McCarrick must go?

    Who's organizing the hit job? Susan Gibbs?

    Tobin's Thugs? "Sorry boys, Rocco is sticking by his story on Tobin which is well sourced. And that's despite his being subjected to the "thuggish and almost unbelievable" behavior of Tobin's friends. Are you the people he's talking about?"


    Meanwhile carlisle of St. Louis announces he's handing over the files to the AG--who are the former bishops of St. Louis? [Just think 3 more cardinal hats for francis thugs!] NPR is down w/that!


    Raymond Burke
    Timothy Dolan
    Justin Rigali

    Neumayr never notices jameson who sat out for 2 years before heading to the cathedral (getting treated at the St. Luke Institute?) nor how he's the only Catholic priest to sign DC clergy petition supporting sodomite marriage and now has VF after his name sort of like Msgr Mustaciuolo who keeps getting passed over for bishop due to some scandal they all know about, and the press knows about, but not the laity.



    I also want to announce that I am appointing Monsignor Gregory Mustaciuolo as our vicar general, in addition to his current duties as chancellor. Since the departure of Bishop Sullivan last year, Bishop Walsh has been serving us well as vicar general, but I now want him to concentrate on the duties mentioned above, especially in his role as vicar for clergy (He would be the “bishop vicar general” when I am out of the archdiocese). In many ways, as moderator of the curia, Monsignor Mustaciuolo has already been ably fulfilling the usual obligations of a vicar general, or the archdiocesan version of a “chief operating officer.” It makes sense to make it official. I trust him very much, and his diligence, pastoral sensitivity, fairness, and reputation...

    Like Msgr. Kevin Wallin has stunned the Diocese of Bridgeport, where he formerly served in positions that included personal secretary to successive bishops, including Edward Egan, later appointed a cardinal.