Saturday, September 1, 2018

Antonio Spadaro responds...

Viganò’s story doesn’t make sense to Spadaro but Spadaro’s tweet makes sense only if he is part of the lavender mafia.

Why is Spadaro so upset that his master met with someone who didn’t approve of homosexual ‘marriage’?

What does it say about Francis that he was meeting with his good friend and former student who is in a homosexual cohabitation?

Are Spadaro and Francis even Catholics?


  1. It'd be hard for Bergoglio not to know who K Davis was. However, what if he pretended not to know (lied) and met w/her so that the nunciature would agree to host (and photograph) his meeting w/his public sodomite friends. Then when the set up Kim Davis pics were released, Bergoglio & Team B sodomites used the media blow up to get release of the pics of the 'private' (yet fully videotaped and photographed) meeting of a Catholic pope embracing public sodomites.

  2. It's all a Potemkin village. Talmudic/kabbalistic sorcery. Take over the Vatican....plenty of sex, money and power to be had. The "cult of man", every word they have been saying for the last 60 years is a lie including the ands and the thes.