Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bp. Fellay, “we are Catholics and the modern church recognizes us as Catholics.”

“Our situation is now as follows: first, and I can give you statements from Rome that say very clearly that the Society is not schismatic. So we are Catholics and the modern church recognizes us as Catholics. But they say there is something irregular because you do not have canonical status. And they do not want to give us this canonical status before we say that the new Mass is good and the council is good. And we're not going to say it, so we're stuck here. At the same time, you have heard that the Pope gave us the power to confess everyone. Everyone can come with us, not only our faithful, everybody, and the priest has the power to give confession. This is true also for the Last Rights, that is for the Extreme Unction, and recently we have also, in a curious way, the power for marriages. It is even more than that. Just to show you that even if there are certain things which are not yet complete, on the other side many things that are already written down, where Rome is accepting us as Catholics. I give you some examples. For example, if a priest is doing very, very bad, so he needs to be punished. And so the superior, which was myself, I contact Rome and say I'm sorry one of our priests did a big thing and several time Rome did appoint myself as the judge of the case. So I think tribunal know in the name of Rome on one or several of our priests even one times they appointed me as the tribunal of second instance what is Rome made the judgement, the priest appealed against this decision from Rome, and Rome didn't recognize that they made a mistake, and they asked me to be the second judge for that case. How can this be if we are not Catholics? You see? Here we have examples in real life which shows that they consider us as Catholics. Though they say that everything is not yet finished. It is true, we all recognize that. We all say who made the first mistake?”

conference with Bp. Fellay, St. Joseph Priory, Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines, (3 September 2018).

Break out the champagne, the modernists recognize the FSSPX as one of their own!

So much for not collaborating with Modernist Rome...


  1. And yet he still continued to negotiate with the apostates. Why? All he accomplished was decades now of helping them to damn more souls by his followers believing that non-Catholics are still members of the Catholic Church and non-Catholics-anti-Christs-can be popes!

  2. Fellay says he's a Catholic and the modern church recognizes him as Catholic. What a moron. Hopefully God will recognize him as a Catholic but I seriously doubt it--if +Lefebvre was right, Fellay is wrong to put the SSPX under the rule/governance of a Rome 100x more apostate than when +Lefebvre died.

    Meanwhile Michael Matt constantly equates the FSSP w/the SSPX in the Remnant (like this summer when they both got new superiors--giving each = space right on top of each other), he personally attends novus ordo parish, and yet pretends that he is a follower of +Lefebvre. The Remnant is putting online their archive of +Lefebvre articles. Meanwhile FSSP only exists because the priests split w/+Lefebvre. FSSP bishops are not Catholic; they are VC2 heretics and apostates. And so is Michael Matt's bishop. MM no longer calls himself Catholic though: 'we're all rad trads now' (apparently "rad trads" are all card carrying members of the N.O. where secular Chinese communists, diocesan priests, and actively rioting lay rad trads choose bishops in some democratic, popularity contest, but +Lefebvre was excommunicated for consecrating bishops to pass on the Catholic faith). MM recently published an article containing a pic of +Lefebvre w/"vindicated" across it--yet MM is still calling JP2 "saint" and belonging to his church (which excommunicated +Lefebvre).

    See "vindicated" across pic of Lefebvre:

    Then this devil sodomite priest who went from the military diocese to the ADW in his yellow convertible, who gets to run around writing articles for the Wanderer accusing the pope, is tweeting +Lefebvre's pic also: (yeah baby!)

    Not sure why the 'rad trads' are trying to claim +Lefebvre w/out doing his works, but I guess they claim Christ the same way. Too bad for them God is not mocked. Nor is He fooled. Beware the day of reckoning.

  3. By what authority do you deem who is and is not Catholic?

    1. It's pretty cut and dried unless you adhere to the VC2/modern view that you can't even say a man has a penis and a woman doesn't (i.e. adhere to the view that people can call themselves anything and everyone else must 'respect' what they call themselves and call them that too because there is no objective truth (i.e. there is no God).