Friday, September 7, 2018

Das Schweigen der Hirten: Missbrauch in der Kirche (The Silence of the Shepherds: Abuse in the church)

(For English subtitles, turn on CC and select the English language.)

This is a 2018 documentary produced for ZDF by CASH Investigation.  It covers how presiders in the Novus Ordo church are reassigned to new countries after committing sexual crimes.  The first part discusses the important role the church in Africa plays in this evil.  The second part (see 28 minutes & 55 seconds) explains Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s responsibility in the matter.  Most of what is covered in the documentary but not all has been covered on this blog in previous posts.  The French version of the documentary can be see in our previous post, Francis is asked a question and answers with a lie.

When meeting with victims of Novus Ordo sexual abuse, Francis has empathy and compassion for them, and publicly he has a “zero-tolerance policy” but this is only a for show.  Behind closed doors he does everything in his power to protect the guilty parties. Lying about everything, especially to a person’s face is Francis’ modus operandi.  There are many reasons for this, for starters: 1) Jorge Bergoglio’s upbringing,  2) Francis’ obsession with all things Talmudic, and  3) his reliance on psychiatry.

Francis’ silence after years of the Novus Ordo remaining silent on the sex crimes committed by their presiders speaks volumes. It is not only a slap in the face of the victims but is also the behavior exhibited by a guilty party.  The fruits of Vatican II have deservedly come home to roost. We pray and hope that the entire world will see the modernist presiders for who and what they truly are.




  2. The Novus Ordo crowd just loves Bergoglio. We are in a full blown Apostasy.