Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Frank Walker interviews George Neumayr

The topic is Cardinal Donald Wuerl — the archbishop of Washington, D.C. previously the bishop of Pittsburgh 
and the gay mafia in the Novus Ordo.

Mr. Neumayr is the author of The Political Pope: How Pope Francis Is Delighting the Liberal Left and Abandoning ConservativesCall Me Jorge... would add that Francis is ever the consumate politician.  One reason for him not accepting the resignation of Wuerl in 2015 is that he knew about the scandal and logically thought one day it would come to light, hence he needed a preprepared fall guy.  Please keep Mr. Frank Walker and Mr. George Neumayr is your prayers as they continue to report on the gaystapo.


  1. LifeSite News reported this too:

    "That document, sent by Foundation President Bishop Michael Bransfield, and signed by Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, as well as several Stewards on the executive, highlights that the request for the donation came directly from Pope Francis. They wrote:
    Many of us believe that, had it been us, we would have told the Holy Father that the Papal Foundation would not be able to help on this project – but we weren’t in the room with him. We can surmise what we would have done, had it been one of us, but we really don’t know. In fact, we have been explicit throughout our history that this is the Papal Foundation. We have worked in conjunction with the pope from the very beginning. We don’t approve every request he makes, but he is the Pope, and we listen to him, and we listen intently. (emphasis in the original)"

    Pope Orders Investigation of West Virginia Bishop Over Sex Allegations

    Yesterday as Cardinal DiNardo went to the vatican w/bransfield's brother--lifesite news and other press, including Canon212 (is george using frank like a patsy) have it all headlined that DiNardo's been accused as well (by who? the devil Francis and his hitman Opus Dei Gomez Vice President of the USCCB -- also got himself on the Papal Foundation Board).

    Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, the newly-elected vice president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, sits in a news conference during the USCCB's annual fall meeting in Baltimore, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016. Gomez is the first Latino to serve in the post. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

    Neumayr is a liar and Frank Walker is a dope. Why don't he ask his friend George if he's a member of Opus Devil.

  2. Who is Hebda (1st choice of George--and note in classic liar fashion, he only mentions two names)?

    OPUS DEI. In 2007 a number of Bishops familiar with the positive impact of St. Josemaria on diocesan priests expressed interest in a formative program for their seminarians inspired by his spirituality and teachings

    His Eminence James Cardinal Stafford
    Major Penitentiary Emeritus of the Apostolic Penitentiary
    Most Rev. David R. Choby +
    Former Bishop Diocese of Nashville
    Most Rev. James D. Conley
    Diocese of Lincoln
    Most Rev. Robert W. Finn
    Emeritus Diocese of Kansas-City-St. Joseph
    Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez
    Archdiocese of Los Angeles
    Most Rev. Bernard A. Hebda
    Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
    Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino
    Diocese of Madison
    Most Rev. Thomas John Paprocki
    Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
    Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample
    Archdiocese of Portland
    Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann
    Diocese of Orange

    Who Consecrated Hebda? Ordination July 1, 1989 by Donald Wuerl
    Consecration December 1, 2009 by Allen Henry Vigneron, Francesco COCCOPALMIERO, and Patrick R. Cooney

    "When Nienstedt resigned last week, the Vatican appointed Archbishop Bernard Hebda as temporary administrator of St. Paul and Minnesota. The mechanisms surrounding this appointment make it problematic, too. Hebda, a church centrist with degrees in both civil and canon law, not even two years ago was named coadjutor to the embattled
    Archbishop John Myers of Newark, N.J. With some sort of acrobatics, he evidently intends to make frequent three-hour flights each way and do both jobs.

    Perhaps Hebda, who was bishop of Gaylord, Mich., from 2009-2013, has become the Vatican's new troubleshooter to sort out problematic situations. But is he the only and wisest choice?

    It certainly follows the same familiar pattern of the old boys' network.

    Hebda, 55, is a priest from Pittsburgh, where he was personal secretary to then-Bishop Donald Wuerl (Rome classmate of Myers, who is originally from Illinois). Well aware that loaning a priest to the Vatican is an investment for a future dividend, Wuerl sent Hebda to Rome, where he worked for more than a dozen years at the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts. Incidentally, Myers was a member of that council.

    And Wuerl is now Cardinal Wuerl, the latest (transplanted) archbishop of Washington and a member of the Congregation for Bishops.

    Hebda don't mention he was Wuerl's secretary in his own bio.

    Myers is a member of opus dei

    The progressives like Hebda

    And yet The Remnant and Burke neo conned like him too!

    There was also another significant cause for jubilation: the participation and attendance of local archdiocesan clergy and seminarians. His Excellency Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis and the Most Rev. Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis were both in choir

  3. Neumayr mentions hot-tub priest that he discovered and also touts his own journalistic skills as well as expressing so much concern for the youth of Washington. And yet even though repeatedly mentioning Msgr. Rossi who was hired by McCarrick (not Wuerl) he never mentions the sex abuse scandal involving Rossi or demands Rossi's resignation.

    "Riedlinger (jesuit?), at the time an assistant pastor at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson and a sex-education teacher at the parish school, was the target of an elaborate sting by a Catholic University of America graduate who says the priest sexually harassed him FOR YEARS.

    Timothy Schmalz, now 23 and a resident of Washington, D.C., said he was moved to action after his first complaint about Riedlinger in 2011 resulted in what he characterized as a slap on the wrist by Trenton Bishop David M. O’Connell. The men said they met Riedlinger, a Catholic University graduate who was approaching ordination, through the shrine’s rector, Msgr. Walter Rossi.

    Rossi was good friends with Riedlinger and recommended they seek him out as a mentor, Schmalz said.

    But the young friendship soon turned odd, they said. Riedlinger began peppering them with questions on Facebook about pornography, masturbation and homosexuality.

    "In 2005, he (rossi) was chosen by Washington Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick to succeed Msgr. Michael Bransfield as rector, when Msgr. Bransfield was named Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston."

    Neumayr was out to get Wuerl and has been out to get him since at least 2015. I'd like to see how his journalistic practices would play against Archbishop Gomez or Cardinal Mahony. In any event, freaking people out, trying to make them angry are not signs of a Catholic. Seeking vengeance especially is a fast way to hell. It's hard to imagine that Neumayr actually believes he has engineered Wuerl's resignation w/his pathetic hot-tub priest 'scandal.' He is simply making enough noise to give cover to whoever has decided on Wuerl's demise. But at the same time he's encouraging kooks like Frank Walker to believe they just have to riot to get their way. Their calls for resignation vs repentance is the key to their lack of Catholicity.

    They even indicate "LET US (like they are priests now) pray this happens soon." Please continue with your rosaries that his resignation is finally accepted. [And yet the BVM at Fatima asked for rosaries because so many sinners are going to hell because there is no one to pray for them.]

    Like the Pilgrimage of Grace these dupes swelled by VC2 'lay active participation' are now seeking those who have illegally seized control of the church (DAs/Henry VIII/Francis) to do their will and don't even realize that they (like the people they are petitioning and their fake news gurus like neumayr leading them by the nose) have long since left the will and way of God far behind.

    Wuerl will be gone and pedophile priest harasser McCarrick will remain. What a victory!

  4. It's also ridiculous to think Hebda was any less informed on McCarrick than Wuerl, when Hebda was a bishop of Newark; if that's the criteria for getting rid of Wuerl, it's definitely an elimination for Hebda (but Neumayr is not honest).

    "Hebda was appointed as Coadjutor Archbishop of Newark on September 24, 2013...Hebda chose a dormitory at Seton Hall University as his residence."

    "12.5.17 It is a tradition for our Seminarys to celebrate Mass together on the Monday evening between the Feast of St. Andrew and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Making the gathering even more special was the presence of our friend and mentor Archbishop Bernard Hebda, St. Paul and Minneapolis, as presider, and Theodore Cardinal McCarrick retired Archbishop of Washington DC and Bishop James Checcio Diocese of Metuchen concelebrants."

  5. Why do they keep calling Bergoglio-the Judas, anti-Christ- the Holy Father? That is blasphemy. That is scandalous as it negates the dignity of both Christ and the papacy.

    1. Why are you repeating your nonsene like a cow to chewing the cud?

  6. Francis takes a year and a half without allowing the new prelate of Opus Dei to be ordained as bishop. He does not like conservatives. He uses them.