Friday, September 21, 2018

George Neumayr outs more members of the Gay Mafia Mutual Admiration Society™

“Donna” Wuerl and his enforcer with their enabler.

O’Connell, “comes out of the gay cesspool at Catholic U”. You may remember him from the new evangelization in New Jersey where three effeminate men sing at carpool karaoke.

Busted for sexually harassing young men and texting what 

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  1. So Neumayr, like Vigano, is against (the great trad hero) Benedict also. Who do Neumayr and Vigano work for--could it be the same Opus Devil/Jesuit communists that Taylor Marshall, Hahn, Weigel, & Voris work for? Put to death the McCarrick/Wuerl 'imperial episcopacy' (i.e. put to death the priesthood of the Catholic Church) and hand it over to the lay protestants who hate the Catholic Mass (look up Taylor's role in the death of Fisher More college--his whining complaining to Opus Devil/Burke Bishop Olson) until these same Jesuit/Opus Devils deliver the rich protestant lay activists to the red dragon communist chinese new world order. What a den of thieves.

    McCarric/Wuerl and the End of the Imperial Episcopate w Fr Jay Scott Newman

    Again I ask what does the McCarrick scandal have to do w/Wuerl? And now Opus Dei Church Militant is reporting Dolan is leaving the ADNY.
    [Dolan is "deserting NY" not being forced out like Rigali and Wuerl by a gang of lying communist protestants who hate the Catholic Church as much as Francis and are taking advantage of his desire for revenge to get their piece of the pie.]

    "That document, sent by Foundation President Bishop Michael Bransfield, and signed by Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, as well as several Stewards on the executive, highlights that the request for the donation came directly from Pope Francis. They wrote:"

    Will Opus Devil get Pittsburgh, Houston, Baltimore, Washington DC & NY (the way they got Philidelphia w/sell off the traditional parishes Cha-poop and Los Angeles w/Gomez)?