Saturday, September 8, 2018

One can hope and pray...

...this is true and that Opus Dei doesn’t come in
to magically ‘save’ the day.

We knew it was bad before, but something has changed. Comparisons are not easy, but I suppose it would be like thinking your country is ruled by Mussolini and discovering it is actually ruled by Stalin. Before Viganò, people could persuade themselves to believe with faint and remote hope that Bergoglio might “come around” and do something about the sexual abuse crisis exemplified in McCarrick, that he might “wake up” to the gravity of the situation and respond as befits the Vicar of Christ. Now, it appears that he himself is the enabler, the patron of criminals, the head of a religious Mafia that has occupied the vineyard of the Church.
There are, it is true, some people who reacted with “I knew it all along! From the very day he stepped out on the balcony of St. Peter’s…”—and it could be that they were gifted with a preternatural intuition. I was uncomfortable from the very first Angelus address in which he praised the theology of Walter Kasper. There are also those, who, like olympic ostriches practicing the sport of extreme head-burying, continue to defend the pope at all costs (including the cost of their intellectual honesty). 
But for the vast majority, it has been a moment of awakening: the scales have fallen from our eyes, the scales that prevented us from seeing clearly the magnitude of the problem and therefore assessing the magnitude of the solution required. As some like to say, it is a “clarifying moment.”

Why Viganó’s testimony will go down as the ‘clarifying moment’ of Francis’ papacy, LifeSiteNews, (4 September 2018).


  1. I am one of those who knew the first night. That blank, joyless expression. He seemed to have contempt for the mob below. When he bowed to the crowd (I thought for a while that he knelt) for its blessing, that was it. When he said abortion was nothing to "obsess" over...his papacy was over.

  2. OPUS DEI + Napa Institute's Timothy Busch Behind Viganò

  3. "There are also those, who, like olympic ostriches practicing the sport of extreme head-burying"

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I ever get a good giggle out of that one! SO TRUE!

  4. "It could be they were gifted with a preternatural intuition ..."

    Count me as one of those.

    I remember clearly those first days after Pope Benedict XVI's abdication, I was excited about the election of our new Pope. Anticipation. Positive feelings. I followed the possible names and researched backgrounds. Filled with hope.


    When Jorge Bergoglio stepped out onto the Loggia, I had never heard his name before. I had never seen his face before. Nothing. Yet .... as the crowds cheered, I was filled with an unnatural, completely uncharacteristic, unexplained, overwhelming feeling of rage; anger; dread. It had nothing to do with bias. He was a blank to me. It had everything to do with a spiritual (my Guardian Angel) warning. Beware!

    And then .... it began.

    Yes. There are many with similar stories to tell. God takes care of His faithful in unexplained, mysterious ways. I am aware of the presence of my Guardian Angel. I do listen.

  5. Remove all COROPHRAGIAS out of the CHURCH
    CHURCH IS NOT A S-------E
    Jesus would speak THE Truth
    Sodoma and Gomorrah

  6. I remember when he stepped out on the loggia and they announced a South American Jesuit was Pope, and I said to a friend, this cannot be good. Nothing good comes from Jesuits in South America.

  7. Why don't you ask Lifesite News which is it--are they criminal occupiers or Graced by God w/the Office?

    "he himself is the enabler, the patron of criminals, the head of a religious (how are they religious?) Mafia that has OCCUPIED the vineyard of the Church."

    And yet two paragraphs later (the one following your excerpt) these same people whose eyes have been opened yada yada yada to the OCCUPATION of CRIMINALS state: "and why we will remain faithful (to Stalin or plain English baby murdering, pedophile sodomites?) in spite of the infidelity of those who were GRACED BY GOD (their emphasis) with the office of teaching, governing, and sanctifying."

    They're just interested in keeping their baby murdering, sodomite promoting, pedophile criminal funding! Why don't Lifesite come clean about how much money they get from the criminal occupiers?

  8. LifeSite promotes USCCB TREASURER as steadfast in the gospel of life!

    "Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has appointed Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of Cincinnati as USCCB treasurer. Archbishop Schnurr will assume the position recently left by Bishop Kevin J. Farrell of Dallas,

    National Collections Committee Chairman Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr Members Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Bishop Peter F. Christensen Bishop Blaise J. Cupich Bishop Eusebio L. Elizondo, M.Sp.S. Bishop Kevin J. Farrell

    “(schnurr) currently serves as the conference's treasurer (2008) -- a post he'll hand off at next month's November Meeting to his new neighbor across the Ohio River, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz" (what a shell game!)

    "I was at Bishop Schnur's consecration in Duluth... In attendance in Duluth were 3 Cardinals: Hickey (ret.) and McCarrick from Washington D.C. and Cardinal Keeler from Baltimore, 8 Archbishops... another Archbishop from Poland, the Papal Nuncio himself, and 38 Bishops, more or less. And on a cold snowy day in April in Duluth, no less, 2” the night before."

    Bernardin hired Lynch to the NCCB/USCCB and Lynch hired Schnurr:

    [“To replace himself as USCC Associate General Secretary Father [Robert I approve schiavo's execution] Lynch hired the Rev. Dennis Schnurr who like Father Kelly before him, was working at the Vatican nunciature.” Page 97] [A Flock of Shepherds: The National Conference of Catholic Bishops By Thomas J. Reese]

    Attendee at Bernardin's funeral; now occupies Bernardin's See: “Also Monsignor Dennis Schnurr of Washington D.C.” [LAST Sentence]

    I mentioned Cardinal Dolan above and one interesting fact which I can share with you which I have not seen elsewhere is that Cardinal Dolan, Archbishops Cupich, Schnurr (of Cincinnati) and Bishop Cote (of Norwich, CT) were all staff to the late Cardinal Pio Laghi at the Washington nunciature, mostly at the same time.
    – See more at:

    Schnurr organized the 1993 World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado, which was the only time the United States has hosted the event. He was raised to the rank of Prelate of Honor of His Holiness in 1993 as well, and elected General Secretary of the NCCB/USCC in 1994. [Where Jesus was played by a woman during the stations of the cross]

    Mother Angelica reacts, standing up for the Catholic Faith after a woman portrayed Jesus in the Stations of the Cross at the 1993 Denver World Youth Day

    They're out for Wuerl to hand over the Papal Foundation to Opus Devil and ADW to the illegal invasion Cupich/Tobin/McCarrick sodomite contingent. But Schnurr, Cupich, Dolan-- not so much--until the newspapers or the dioceses themselves break the story.

    Even promote CNN Fake News:

  9. Where’s the petition to remove Cardinal Dolan from ministry? Why isn’t George Neumayr stalking Cardinal Dolan or Cardinal O’Brien? Where are the three cover stories on LifeSiteNews and CM demanding their resignation?

    Is there one parish in the ADW openly flouting the church’s teaching on sexual morality?
    NEW YORK, June 14, 2017 ( – Leaders of “gay and lesbian ministries” in three parishes in the Archdiocese of New York openly flout the Church’s doctrines on sexual morality, LifeSiteNews has found. One is a homosexual drag queen who openly celebrates sodomy, another promotes Planned Parenthood fundraising events and lesbian pornography, while another is “married” to his same-sex partner.

    Did Cardinal Wuerl ever prance down fifth avenue leading sodomite “activists” in a Saint’s parade?

    Cardinal Dolan praises ‘unity’ at St. Patrick Parade after inclusion of gay activist groups

    What Catholic Parishes openly march in Sodomite Pride Parades in Wuerl’s Diocese?

    Did Cardinal Wuerl ever hold an altar boy in a headlock as he shook hands with married Irish prime minister sodomite on St. Patrick’s Day (Catholic Family News please answer)?

    Did Cardinal Wuerl allow an open sodomite to be a lector at any papal mass in Washington DC?

    Does Cardinal Wuerl allow the same open sodomite access to inner city scholarship students? "The students that I sponsor, I correspond with (is that the only contact?). And I believe them when they tell me in their letters that they and their families are overjoyed that they have a chance to go to school in a safe (!?) place where they are actually learning… but it just seems wrong to tell a parent who doesn’t want to send her (no dad?) kid to a public school"'

    Did Cardinal Wuerl applaud football player for ‘coming out’ on national tv (what scandalous diocesan propaganda LifeSiteNews!)?

    Did Cardinal Wuerl ever pose with the Rockettes?

    Did Cardinal Wuerl transfer $57 million to the cemetery fund to keep it from pedophile victims?

    The shell game worked like this: In 2007, while he was Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan (now Archbishop of New York) transferred some $57 million from the Archdiocese's general fund into a special trust for maintaining cemeteries. Dolan wrote a letter to the Vatican explaining that this one weird trick would result in "improved protection of these funds from any legal claim and liability.”

    Didn’t Cardinal Dolan cover up pedophilia? Didn’t he bribe pedophile priests?

  10. Where are the priest scandals in the ADW like the scandals in NY involving Miqueli and Cardinal O’Brien? Does Cardinal Wuerl own the DA? Why is Dolan covering for an embezzler priest? Are DC lay people footing the bill for 'priests' who are scandalizing neighborhoods w/their sodomite prostitutes? CM & Catholic Register covered this--but LifeSiteNews has NEVER breathed a word of it (even now when harassing priests is front page news!).

    Why is Cardinal Dolan campaigning so hard to defeat statute of limitation extension; personally meeting w/Cuomo and spending $2.1 million on lawyers?

    Why not fly away and rely on the promises of the K of C?

    "In the week leading up to last year's vote, when protesters on both sides loudly filled the Capitol, many wondered why top Church leadership wasn't there. Dolan was across the country at a conference."

    Did Cardinal Wuerl award Medal to pro-abort, pro-homo “Catholic” feminist CEO of the Girl Scouts?

    Does Cardinal Dolan not give communion to pro-sodomite & pro-abort politicians?

    When there's such a double standard from the "reporters" (CM, LifeSiteNews) one can only wonder what's the real agenda and who's funding it.

  11. Did former Cardinal McCarrick or Cardinal Wuerl ever force a seminarian to drink their urine like Cardinal O'Brien? Or call them 'pet' and give them the great honor of walking their dog?

    Did former Cardinal McCarrick or Cardinal Wuerl ever force someone to eat their excrement like Pope Francis and Cardinal Maradiaper?

    Tom Monahan / Ave Maria / Legatus walked back their attack on Cardinal Burke, and then disinvited Wuerl from some pilgrimage. Vigano is attacking Wuerl (but not O'Brien even though he's as notorious as McCarrick for priest abuse). Who's leaking (their urine/excrement) on lifesitenews?

    Tim Busch & Opus Devil can freely associate and employ sodomite priest abuser Nienstedt

    Isn't this where neumayr used to work?

    Why don't George go back to California & stalk the sodomite Jesuits who educated him and taken over the state (Gov Brown, AG Xavier), or Cardinal Mahoney of the REC, and Tim Busch and Opus Devil and Archbishop Sodomite Priest Abuser Nienstedt--giving conferences to millionaires?

    What a joke! Wuerl prolly delivered $millions in a suitcase to Frannie and/or per usual Frannie was so sweet to his face (not me attacking you) while behind his back he's sicced opus devil and the trad catholics and every millionaire who wants a papal honor (or Catholic contract!) on him. It's open season on Wuerl -- and CM and LifeSiteNews are the tools being used to do Frannie's dirty work while they pretend to be the good guys.

  12. How'bout the spanish deacon who won't say mass anymore w/Wuerl?

    But James A. Garcia has no problemo serving mass w/”out and active” sodomites and shills like Msgr. Ron Jameson: “When I moved to Washington, DC the first thing I sought was a Catholic community, which I found at Saint Matthew’s Cathedral… There, I joined the Young Adults group, and the first person that welcomed me, a man named Chris, told me he could tell I was discerning. Like attracts like, I suppose, because he soon gave up his career as an engineer to take holy orders as a contemplative monk. At St. Matt’s, I also continued as an acolyte, SERVING MASS WITH Monsignor Ronald JAMESON. I wore an alb and was often taken for a priest, which is a real compliment in ways too personal to describe.

    I asked the rector (RON JAMESON) of St. Matthew’s to become my spiritual director; we met many times and talked and prayed about DISCERNING A VOCATION to the priesthood. I went to lunch or dinner with many diocesan priests in Washington, most memorable of all was a long and honest dinner with then Father now Monsignor Ed Filardi. He was charming, smiled and laughed a lot; his joyful presence inspired me and encouraged my faith.

    My meeting with the arch diocese’s vocation’s director turned everything around though… he asked about sex. I told him I was AN OUT AND ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL, and in one subtle move he closed his notebook and set it squarely on his lap. I would need to be celibate for at least three years, he said, before I could be considered for the seminary.

    Ron Jameson only catholic priest in DC to sign marriage equality petition in 2009

    Pushing sodomy on our children & young adults "What does Always God’s Children do? contact Monsignor Jameson at the rectory (202-347-3215 or"

    Garcia has no problemo w/McCarrick F.A.N. sodomite Jacek Orzechowski

    “Fr. Jacek Orzechowski is leading Catholic Charities efforts for immigration advocacy. The current effort is supporting the extension of the DREAM Act. “

    Jacek: The DREAMers feel extremely vulnerable, fearing that they and their families may be deported and torn apart. In addition, many people feel that President Trump is utterly unqualified; they feel that he is a dangerous man who will take our country and the rest of the world backwards.

    Who's backing these DC spanish clergy publicly attacking Wuerl–are they part of the Latin American sodomite pipeline (like the IVE where McCarrick lived? Do they want a DREAMer advocate for bishop?

    PS What about CFN calling it the “McCarrick and Wuerl scandals”–but what’s Wuerl done? Why are LifeSite & CM joining the WP & CNN (McCarrick fans)? Who wants control of the Papal Foundation? The accusation against McCarrick came from Dolan/O’Brien ADNY–after Papal Foundation refused to pay $17 million to bail an ongoing vatican fin'l sodomite scandal. Vigano said O’Brien’s politics were ‘different,’ but surely he means vatican politics.

  13. What does Opus Dei have to do with this?

    Michael Matt on Bergoglio's gay mafia

  15. Sedevacante since 1958.

    1. You are one of the very, very few who had their eyes and ears open to the truth from the beginning of the purposeful destruction of the true Catholic faith and Church by those on the inside. Mine didn't open until 2000.

    2. Oh I meant the chair has been vacant since at least 1958.
      Personally I think Pius XII lost his chair in April 1951.
      My life and religion changed in 2011 by learning about the same satanic forces you learned about in 2000.
      You were 11 years ahead of me friend.