Friday, September 28, 2018

the new evangelization in Poland

If this isn’t satanic what is?

And to think that many in the Novus Ordo brag about how Poland is Catholic.  If this is the best Europe has to offer only God can help us.

***** UPDATE 29 SEPTEMBER 2018 *****

Some are stating the video below is the original video.  If true the music isn’t as bad but the behavior is just as appalling.  Readers can see other examples of behavior like this from religious in Poland in the links provided below.



  1. It is a virus, a vicious one.
    Just went back home to Poland. I am sure many Poles find this embarrassing though I admit, they would not see it as dangerous, a fast ride down a slippery slope. Gaining on speed right now, I suppose.

  2. I spent the better part of a year a few years ago living in religious community with a bunch of Poles in the Holy Land. In many ways it was wonderful. But there were a few things that ultimately felt dodgy about the situation. Nothing major, just subtle things.

    The priest who was my patron there, a few years younger than me in his mid thirties, was one of those shiny penny JP II vocations. He was charismatic, smart, generous. But he had that all too typical clerical sense of privilege and attitude condescension too, and ended up showing what seemed to me like a lack of faith in weird ways.

    One example: he seemed to enjoy scandalizing me with modernist opinions. Thomas a Kempis and the Imitation of Christ are terrible, retrograde spiritual reading. Abraham didn't actually exist historically, but is just a character based on a Cananite fertility deity. He was wishy washy in the confessional. Stuff like this.

    I had multiple gut reactions that something was off about him, and a few other Poles I met through him that stayed with us, that I couldn't articulate.

    I left them happy for the experience over all, and glad to have met them, but also weirdly ambivalent that not everything is kosher in Poland, based upon the these uncertain instincts I have about these Polish friends I met in Israel..

  3. Please provide information on time, place and occasion. Also, can you enable download? I would like to add this horrible video to my collection. I sometime show them to NO ppl in order to red-pill them.

  4. The few remaining faithful, orthodox laity will bear the burden, some day, of re-evangelizing the wreckage of the Catholic Church; its Clergy, its Religious. One far off, unseen for now, future day, with the assistance of the few remaining faithful Clergy in the Apostolic Line, in the smoking heap of what was once the glorious manifestation of God's Heavenly Temple ... we will do that.

    What has been will not survive in its present form. The Novus Ordo generation will implode into itself as into a Black Hole. And good riddance. Good riddance to whatever that is, pictured above; poor misguided women.

    What you show above is simply the "Cult of Man". Orthodox Catholics see this and flee for their spiritual lives. It is time to retire to the "cave"of Isaiah and listen for the Still Small Voice of Jehova.

  5. I have taken similar videos on the vigil of Corpus Christi in front of the Cathedral in Kraków, 2017.
    Now, even most of charismatic churches do not go into that kind of dancing frenzy . It's ok to rejoice ,but not in this kind of fashion. Too wild. Worship with modern music is ok ,but not disco !

  6. Unless Catholics are entirely aware and also entirely discerning about Modernism and Satan, they are going to be easy prey for so many cultural pitfalls they will surely end up in pretty much the same place as the secularists. This contemporary cultural pull is strong, and it exerts a constant force on everybody. You would have to be really insightful about things to resist it.
    When nuns in habits do things like this, they show the rest of the world, see, we're just like you. This doesn't win anybody over, but the globalists on the inside tell you it does. And today's nuns just want to have fun too.
    Hilary White just wrote a column about the gullibility of nuns. It's at What's Up With Francis Church.

  7. I am Polish. The song in the second video is a religious song about believing (in God) like a child. The first video has false music (fake!). Many are defending dancing of clergy and nuns this way: pointing on King David and his dancing for God stated officially in the Bible. Also, Jesus participated in the wedding in Kana. Dancing in Jewish weddings is a normal thing. Expressing JOY FOR GOD in this way is not a sin. Saint Therese of Avila always was reminding her sisters, that to see the devil everywhere is very wrong and is against the power of the Holy Spirit. Nuns need to move and exercise also - if they jump for the GLORY OF GOD - what wrong do you see there? Aren't we sometimes more holy than THEE???

  8. Closer to home, see evandevlical red hat inquisition coming out of MI via CA:

    "Born in Michigan, Tim relocated to sunny Southern California where he met his wife, Steph. Married in 1985, they have two children, Garrett and Mackenzie. Tim is a co-founder of the Magis Institute, which sponsors a host of spiritual endeavors including retreats, ethics training, and wealth stewardship forums. Additionally, he serves on Boards for CUA, Patrons of the Vatican Arts, John Paul II Cultural Center and the Papal Foundation. Tim and Steph live in South Orange County and enjoy traveling, relaxing, golfing and wine. Their passion for wine led them to found Trinitas Cellars in 2002. Their love of Napa Valley wine country led them to also build the Meritage Resort and Spa, which opened in 2006...

    "Kenzie graduated from Kaplan University with a BS in Health and Wellness. She has a passion for Holistic Medicine and continues to use her education to promote a healthy lifestyle. Kenzie’s creativity has blossomed more in the past year. She loves making scrapbooks, art journals & capturing family memories through photo. In addition to her many hobbies of shopping, traveling and drinking Busch Bubbles, Kenzie loves to spend time with her husband Collin Vath and their two loving dogs. A mini goldendoodle named June and an aussiedoodle named Pixie. They have quite the personalities and love to visit Napa. “My favorite nights consist of family, good friends & of course a glass of our finest Trinitas wine, Cheers!"

    (See modest dress fam pic at end)

    "In starting JSerra, the school originally sought the advice of John Lenihan, a priest who had admitted to molesting teenage girls; on the board of directors for St. Anne, Busch's wife, Steph, sits alongside John Urell, the man in charge of covering up for pedophile priests in Orange County for decades. Busch helped to fund a KOCE-TV documentary about the Orange diocese that gleefully pretended its sex-abuse scandal didn't happen. And speaking of diddling Catholics: In 2011, JSerra Spanish teacher and volleyball coach Ricardo Aldana was arrested and charged with molesting a 14-year-old student. Months before the arrest, the student's mother claims she contacted the school about Aldana, but her concerns fell on deaf ears. JSerra is currently facing a civil suit over the Aldana affair."

    Busch and his firm were heavily involved in the Catholic Diocese of Orange’s 2012 purchase of the 3,000-seat Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, a glittering glass structure, designed by architect Philip Johnson, and its accompanying 35-acre campus, after televangelist Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Ministries fell into bankruptcy in 2010. ....Renamed Christ Cathedral, ...It has become the home of multiple movements that are going on in the Church,” says Busch, “which include EWTN, but also a 25-station Catholic radio network called Immaculate Heart Radio. It’s also going to house the West Coast office of the Augustine Institute, which is a Biblical institute out of Denver. Then there’s the Magis Center, which is a reason-and-faith center that was started by Father Robert Spitzer.

  9. Wow, I didn't realize that you had the Holy Yardstick of Antioch this week to let us all know what is and isn't Catholic. Who gets it after you're done with it? Just curious.

    1. The Holy Yardstick of Antioch is also known as the Deposit of Faith. It belongs to all of us. You don't need to borrow it. It's already yours if you want it.

      It is given by the Church to the Faithful to measure our belief, actions and conscience against verifiable Truth; and the actions and beliefs of their living Church Pastors whether they also are true or false.