Friday, October 12, 2018

Francis accepts ‘Donna’ Wuerl’s resignation

Wuerl to Francis the Most Humble

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “Yes, and I said that. I made errors of judgment when we were dealing with all those cases before the Dallas Charter. Some of those errors in judgment were based on professional psychological evaluations, some of the errors were based on moving too slowly as we tried to find some verification of the allegations. Those were all judgmental errors, and I certainly regret them. I think it is also worth noting that all those priests who were faced with allegations in my time there, if there was any substantiation for them they were removed from any ministry that would put them in contact with young people. I think what we can say is that a careful reading of the [Pennsylvania grand jury] report and the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s response, which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed to be attached to the grand jury report, shows that I acted in a very responsible way to remove predator priests. What is important now is to be able to move beyond the questions of doubt, fallibility and not concentrating on myself but helping this church to get to a new place.”

Francis the Most Humble to Wuerl

Francis, “Your nobility has led you not to choose the way of defense. Of this, I am proud and thank you. In this way, you make clear the intent to put God’s project first, before any kind of personal project, including what could be considered as for the good of the church. Your renunciation is a sign of your availability and docility to the Spirit who continues to act in the church.”

‘Donna’ Wuerl on Viganò

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “In my read of that testimony, particularly the part that touches me, it is not faithful to the facts. There can be reasons for that, and I think Cardinal Ouellet is touching on what may be the primary one. In his testimony, Archbishop Viganò clearly says that there were secret sanctions in some form. But he also says himself that he never communicated them to me. Yet this should have been his duty. I find it difficult to accept his version that he holds me responsible for implementing something he never passed on or his gratuitous insult that I must be a liar when I say that I never received these secret sanctions. Certainly I would never have guessed that there were sanctions against Cardinal McCarrick from all the times I encountered him at receptions and events hosted by Archbishop Viganò at the Apostolic Nunciature. The gap between what he says and what he did and his easy calumny call into question for me the real intent and purpose of his letter.  I think there’s something radically wrong with any document that doesn’t provide proof for accusations of that gravity.”

The key word being “allegation”

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “I have clarified over and over again that during the 12 years that I served as archbishop of Washington no one ever brought me any allegation of misconduct, sexual misconduct by Cardinal McCarrick.”

Now all that’s left is for Francis to choose another kosher 
member of the Gay Lobby to replace Wuerl!

The outgoing president of the The Gay Mafia Mutual Admiration Society™ 
hands over the membership roster to the new president.


  1. I've never seen Donald Wuerl dressed like a woman in public. But I'll bet your women folk, Neumayr's and Frank Walker's all dress like men and yet you all never call them by men's names: how come? Don't female transvestites offend you (and of course it's the offense to you and not to God that matters)?

    Look how LifeSite delicately distinguishes itself from "the book": "The book argues that women should ideally (how Pope Francis, LifeSite!) wear skirts so as to promote modesty and not entice men’s concupiscence. It also supports the idea that husbands are the head of the household while a wife’s duty is to "properly order the interior life of the home.”

    "McCall, who is tenured and will retain his teaching job, also expresses in his book disagreement with same-sex “marriage.”"

    "In a chapter of the book called “Modest Contact With the World: Women In Pants and Similar Frauds,” McCall stated that women are obligated to hide their natural curvature by wearing skirts.

    “Women must veil their form to obscure its contours out of charity towards men,” McCall wrote in the chapter. “To know that women in pants have this effect on men and to wear them is thus a sin against charity as well as modesty.”

    McCall wrote that no woman or girl in his family is allowed, nor desires, to wear pants. Research provides evidence that pants on women draw a man’s eye to her “creative sanctuary,” he stated, and skirts better encapsulate the “modest restraint” that all women should have.

    “... if there is something really impossible to do in a skirt, does this not indicate this is an activity inappropriate for a woman to perform?” McCall wrote. “A simple test of modest and feminine behavior can be summarized: if you can’t do it modestly and gracefully in a skirt, you shouldn’t do it at all.”

    On men’s fashion, McCall wrote that men should dress in a way that mirrors their “station of authority” and should never look sloppy.

    Seriously, is sodomy any more offensive to God than unloading seed into a womb that's been turned into a death chamber (i.e. murder)? What's the difference between sodomy and a heterosexual sex act that's been sterilized with artificial contraception or sterilization?

    Protestants claim that not every marital act needs to be 'open to life' and most Catholics agree--applying a different standard to that act than they do to telling lies, committing adultery, stealing etc.

    "The point of my argument, again, is not—or not primarily—to insist that Protestants have this matter right. I obviously think they do, but this is not the occasion to attempt fully to establish that."

    While Catholic clergy fell away from their vows of chastity, the laity has also fallen. There's not a dime of difference between them. 15-20 million babies (25-30%) of the babies aborted in the U.S. were catholic babies.

    Most of the people trampling the clergy might do well to recall Jesus' words to the pharisees: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

    1. Women are Men and it's been that way since the mid 1990's.
      There are no more women,just 2 different groups of Men competing for dates and jobs.
      Its sad tragic and hopelessly depressing.
      Muslims Jews and Chinese Communists will own the future because the West doesn't have women,masculinity,morals,
      etc..we are dying out.