Saturday, October 6, 2018

Francis gives advice to the youth

The auxiliary bishop of Lyon, Emmanuel Gobilliard, asks Francis to give a few words of encouragement for all the boys and girls of the entire world.

You are the hope! Dream! Talk! Be the tree blossoms! Dialogue! Courage! Get busy! Blah! Blah! Blah!

At least he didn’t tell the children to make a mess this time, since it seems he is already making a big enough one of his own.


    Cornelia Ferreira "World Youth Day, Masonry, Humanism & Vatican II NewChurch"

  2. He could have said instead: Respect your elders; Listen to God above all; Before you tear down any wall or fence, ask first, who build it and why; Do not build bridges to enemy camps, that's plain stupid; Do not have sex before marriage, that cheapens love.

    Do not pursue happiness, contrary to what Satan tells you, but pursue truth, even if it makes you sad. For true joy is in Christ, and He died on the cross.

    Well, I should stop... dreaming. I let myself get carried away. We all know Bergoglio took the Cross out of fashion. Permanently - he hopes.