Thursday, October 11, 2018

George Neumayr continues to uncover the Gay Mafia in the Novus Ordo

George Neumayr should be commended for the old fashioned sleuthing he has been doing — going through public records, asking questions around the campus of a university, talking to public employees, attempting to get comments from the Novus Ordo hierarchy, etc...  This used to be called reporting but sadly these days most who refer to themselves with the moniker of ‘reporter’ do nothing of the such.  They are instead content to republish press releases from the diocese and attend banquets hosted by the bishops where lavish feasts are plied on them with speeches full of empty dross.  Is this simply laziness or is it because the self-said ‘reporters’ share in the belief that homosexuality, pederasty, and pedophilia are virtues?  Considering the fact that these behaviors have continued on for over some forty years and have become more brazen as well as audacious as the time has past they appear to us at Call Me Jorge... to be willing accomplices.  As we have written before, please keep Mr. Neumayr in your prayers as he continues his exposure of this most evil of beasts.

The luxury high-rise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Monsignor Rossi owns an apartment and finds time to serve as Treasurer in addition to his duties as head of the Washington, D.C. Basilica.

Monsignor Walter Rossi’s beach residence near Atlantic City, New Jersey
where Matthew Riedlinger was listed as registered to vote.


  1. I wish I could be like gumshoe neumayr and get paid 3-week vacations to Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic City all to dig up the ONE whole network of sodomite priests in the ADW--who isn't even a priest of the ADW.

    You got to be really looking hard (the other way) to find just ONE whole sodomite who isn't even a priest of the ADW in the entire Baum, Hickey, McCarrick, Wuerl sodomite ADW network.

    In case your friend George (or his employer Tim Busch of Opus Dei) needs some help in identifying the priests of the ADW, here's a directory:

    Now I would recommend starting w/Msgr. Jameson and Msgr. Filardi -- but they're probably not on George's list due to their support of the opus dei communist hispanic illegal alien invasion of the U.S. or due to the fact that exposing the sodomite network in ADW will in no way help Tim Busch get his greedy paws on the papal foundation.

    Msgr. Edward J. Filardi has served as priest-secretary to Cardinal McCarrick and as associate vocations director for the past four years. Ordained in 1994, he previously served as a parochial vicar at Holy Redeemer, Kensington and St. Martin, Gaithersburg and has been Boy Scout chaplain since 1996.

    “When I moved to Washington, DC the first thing I sought was a Catholic community, which I found at Saint Matthew’s Cathedral… There, I joined the Young Adults group, and the first person that welcomed me, a man named Chris, told me he could tell I was discerning. Like attracts like, I suppose, because he soon gave up his career as an engineer to take holy orders as a contemplative monk. At St. Matt’s, I also continued as an acolyte, SERVING MASS WITH Monsignor Ronald JAMESON. I wore an alb and was often taken for a priest, which is a real compliment in ways too personal to describe.

    "I asked the rector (RON JAMESON) of St. Matthew’s to become my spiritual director; we met many times and talked and prayed about DISCERNING A VOCATION to the priesthood. I went to lunch or dinner with many diocesan priests in Washington, most memorable of all was a long and honest dinner with then Father now Monsignor Ed Filardi. He was charming, smiled and laughed a lot; his joyful presence inspired me and encouraged my faith.

    "My meeting with the arch diocese’s vocation’s director turned everything around though… he asked about sex. I told him I was AN OUT AND ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL, and in one subtle move he closed his notebook and set it squarely on his lap. I would need to be celibate for at least three years, he said, before I could be considered for the seminary.
    Ron Jameson only catholic priest in DC to sign marriage equality petition in 2009

    What does Always God’s Children do? contact Monsignor Jameson at the rectory (202-347-3215 or

  2. Maybe gumshoe could head on over to UMD and interview the young man in the red polo w/breasts or maybe the other students giving their witch/devil signs

    Rob Walsh who's still got his pic w/McCarrick on the chaplain page (ask him to show you that pic w/his wrestler's belt)

    Catholic Student Center of the University of Maryland: Rev. Robert Walsh, assistant vocations director and priest-secretary to Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, is replacing Rev. Kyle Ingels, the new pastor of Ascension, Bowie.

    "As soon as senior Lisa Driscoll turned 21, she went out for a drink with the Rev. Rob Walsh.

    “[He said], ‘Beer isn’t bad; in fact, this is going to be awesome,’” said Driscoll, a journalism and music major. “’But we’re going to do it in a way that’s life-giving.’”

    That ended up being one of several student trips to the bar, including a tradition of heading over to drafts at Cornerstone Grill & Loft after Sunday Mass with Walsh, the chaplain at the Catholic Student Center, which celebrates its 50th anniversary Saturday.

    “[He is] such a witness of how to just enjoy life with beer, but most importantly, with the person in front of you,” Driscoll said. “Most Sundays we try to do it —

    Maybe ask Rob about his murdered mentor Msgr. Wells and what he thinks about homeless Tom Lucas sitting in jail for 42 years? “Bishop Curlin was serving as vocations director when Msgr. Wells entered the seminary. Because of the late priest's love of the priesthood, Bishop Curlin said, "I asked him to help me with (promoting) vocations. He loved to preach to young people about vocations." …The bishop added that he sometimes thinks of the way Msgr. Wells was killed. "I remember how horrified I was to hear of his death. It was like a martyrdom in a way," Bishop Curlin said.” “Police found [Msgr. Thomas] Wells’s body on the floor beside his bed. He was nude from the waist down, a witness testified at the trial. The area around his body was covered in blood, and his blood-soaked underwear had been tossed across the room, said prosecutor Katherine Winfree.” “Montgomery County police yesterday refused to release the autopsy results for a priest…The autopsy was performed, but we're not going to release anything at this time," said Lt. William O'Toole, a police spokesman. "It doesn't serve our investigative goals. It doesn't benefit us in any way.”

    "The men Wells mentored invariably invoke his zest for life in describing the gregarious man who was jauntily called "Boomer."

    He encouraged them to enter the seminary and stick with it. He organized groups to ski out west and play golf. He talked regularly with them on the phone, and "we'd just laugh for five minutes, nonstop, and then hang up," said one of the new priests, Rob Walsh, 36, whose family knew Wells for years.

    "We were stuck in traffic once, and suddenly he's laughing at the top of his lungs, nonstop," said another of the new priests, Greg Shaffer, 34. "Then he says, 'I'm just thinking of the party we're going to have after you're ordained, after your first Mass.' "

  3. Then "There's Mark L. Smith, 37, (current pastor holy redeemer college park) a second-year seminarian who owned a fitness business in Bethesda and wrestled with the Call for a long time until Parent, jogging with him on the Mall one day, finally set a deadline for his seminary application, pushing him hard to "get off the fence."
    "I was afraid priests would never have any fun," Smith says with a laugh. "I thought priests never traveled. I like to take vacations!" He recently went to a retreat center, on his own initiative, in North Carolina.

    "I like nature, so being on the beach was nice. I met with a priest for spiritual direction, worked out, prayed, read the Bible. I just wanted to get away from the world for a while."

    "The path that led Mark Smith from buff fitness-company owner to ordained Roman Catholic priest is indeed unusual, but not uncommon. He began to understand a higher calling while, like many people, volunteering at a local church. “I would sit down and talk with young people for hours, and they all just wanted to feel good,”

    Ask him how he gets to go on all those parish pilgrimages not only in college park but also when he was at pomfret and also why holy redeemer now has a maintenance supervisor listed on the bulletin and staff page (used to be there was a nameless janitor (no doubt still is but now 1 janitor has a supervisor (?)) --are there any other parishes in the ADW that have a maintenance supervisor?

    After gumshoe got done w/the ADW, he could start on the religious orders: there's the jesuits, the dominicans and the franciscans (check out the franciscan monastery) and this one:
    Jacek Orzechowski

    But somehow I just don't think gumshoe is doing the job he's pretending he's doing. Really, even at the Shrine (or CUA), he hasn't located any more sodomites than ONE Rossi?

  4. The Day of Reckoning for Msgr Rossi will come from God not George Neumayr worker for the new communist jesuits and opus devils (and their day of reckoning will also come (and also yours, CJM).

    Though JP2 appointed mccarrick, wuerl and bergoglio--no tar of sexual immorality can be applied to the drunken womanizing communist who sainted the communist Jose Maria Escriva. No tar of sodomy can be applied to benedict and all his rent boys like ganswein and charlie brown.

    Sure George Neumayr could go right up the hill to Georgetown and find sodomites ten times worse than Rossi (who throw out scholarship students who refuse to be indoctrinated in LGBTQ), but exposing them would not be to george and his employers' purpose.

    Search Catholic World Report and see how they advertise themselves. "GLOBAL Church news and views" -- they'll introduce you to christianity thru benedict's modernist vc2 views. They'll link you to steubenville bishop (where the child rapist seminarian comes from) whose roots go to the Nienstedt priest harrasser network (but when will George expose them?).

    But seminarians indoctrinated to buy children to assault them are a okay in Steubenville

    Monforton, now bishop of Steubenville, was a favorite seminarian of Nienstedt during and well after Nienstedt’s rectorship at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. After his priestly ordination, Monforton’s first assignment (associate pastor [aka: parochial vicar]) was with—surprise—Nienstedt at National Shrine of the Little Flower Parish in Royal Oak, MI, which ironically for Nienstedt was the gay center of Metro Detroit. They both served together from 1994-1996 (from July 1994 when Nienstedt was removed as rector by Adam Maida until 1996 when Nienstedt was selected as an auxiliary bishop with Edmund Szoka’s help at the Congregation for Bishops, while Monforton eventually became Maida's personal secretary and chauffeur [1998-2005]).

    At Monforton’s episcopal ordination, the Detroit powerhouse showed-up: Szoka, Maida, Vigneron, and Nienstedt. Monforton even had Nienstedt deliver the ordination homily. “Nienstedt opened with a hymn Monforton had previously sang several years ago.”

    Maybe the new msgr of the shrine will turn it into a jewish synagogue evangelical hall non-sectarian crystal palace. Maybe the new bishop of the ADW will tear down whatever old churches are left. Can't have a bishop like bransfield who spends money on stained glass windows and marble altars -- only those like cheap cheap indian feather chapoo-poo who sell off the real estate, tear down the churches and never tell you what they do w/the money are allowed in the new evangelization of opus devil jesuit neumayr and tim busch.

  5. A play w/Opus Devil Terry Carroll, Christine Niles & Fr. Fisher 5/19/13 “What did Archie Devil Gomez know and when did he know it?”

    @2:30 Mahoney back to doing confirmations. Gomez had suspended him (an archbishop suspended a cardinal 1/31/13). But after conclave where Mahoney hobnobbed w/his big rome buddies (seriously if Mahoney was suspended from all PUBLIC duties, how’d he get to go to Rome) @ 3:16 Niles: “Well, I’ve spoken to an insider who said that he knows what’s going on has actually met privately w/archbishop Gomez and it turns out that when cardinal Mahoney came back from Rome after the papal conclave he had a chance to hobnob with his powerful sort of friends there in the curia. He got some sort of support from somebody over there and the clear message was sent from Rome to Archbishop Gomez to lay off. And this is from somebody in the know. And of course Archbishop Gomez he can’t comment publicly [but Wuerl has to be stripped of his see; his title; and defrocked for the same crime!] on this. So he’s the one who ends up looking really bad, but the fact is he’s following orders from Rome. I don’t think it’s from Pope Francis cause pope francis in an interview several years ago in an interview in 2010 expressed contempt for the way the American hierarchy dealt with the sex abuse scandal and he said that if it were him if he ever had to deal with something like that which he never had to in his diocese but if he did he would never have shuffled them around he would have enacted a zero tolerance policy so I don’t think the order came from him unless I don’t know Mahoney was able to unless he just really wasn’t aware of what went on you know during the time of Mahony and that’s a possibility. In Argentina there’s no, you know you don’t necessarily know what’s going on w/every bishop in the United States, but, anyway, that’s the “news” with Cardinal Mahoney – he’s back to doing the same old stuff he was doing before. Male (Carroll?): “Who’s the secretary of state over there at the Vatican?” Niles: It’s Bertone! Male: “Is it still Lombardi? Bertone, Bertone, Yeah! I wonder if he had anything to do w/it?”(Benedict’s Bertone? Why don’t you ask Vigano?) Niles: I have no idea. I don’t know. I don’t want to name names (after already doing so) Male: yeah; Niles: I just don’t know. I don’t want to say who it might be” (except I will say it’s NOT the obvious person: pope Francis) “but you know I think this highlights the problem w/the some of the just the curia problem—that’s why it needs to be cleaned up. Male (Carroll?): yeah Niles: there are still people giving him backing in Rome when they shouldn’t be and Archbishop Gomez tried to do something right and he’s not getting support. So. Male: yeah. Yeah. There seems to be definitely over in the vatican a a strata of power that competes against the pope. I recall back in 2007 when Benedict wanted to deny communion to pro-abort politicians blah blah blah

    How many times has Gomez given communion or shared platforms w/rabid proaborts?

  6. Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, the largest Catholic diocese in the United States, represented a rare voice at the meeting to speak out strongly on an issue that challenges the Trump administration. President Trump touts the need for a “great, great wall” on the border, and immigration enforcement agents have moved aggressively to deport a wide swath of undocumented immigrants

    Today is ‘hour of the laity,’ Archbishop Gomez tells V Encuentro delegates

    Moreover, His Excellency’s comment that the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe “is the story of America” because it is about “the encounter of cultures, European and indigenous” is not only inaccurate but insulting to the Native Indian peoples.

  7. Why don't you interview neumayr? Find out why does Opus Devil & CWR Jesuits need to get rid of both Wuerl & Ouellet? What are Opus Devils and CWR Jesuits working on together?

    (revealed as Opus Devil on your own site CJM): Dr. Taylor Marshall • 4 hours ago
    "He is still a cardinal and still a member of Congregation for Bishops (under Ouellet)."

    Follow Follow @TaylorRMarshall
    Replying to @george_neumayr
    The priests at screen right start the applauding.
    10:15 AM - 2 Sep 2018

    Taylor Marshall ����‏ @TaylorRMarshall Aug 29
    Replying to @george_neumayr
    I have been inside this house to visit the late Cardinal Baum, and I've seen the chapel. It's a diocesan property. If you want more information, contact me.
    “While head of the Congregation for Christian Education, Baum defended the most noxious of the sex curriculums for parochial school children, William C. Brown’s New Creation (1988). Baum actively opposed organized attempts by Catholic parents to remove sex instruction from parochial schools in the United States. While in power, Baum made no observable attempt to clean up the growing number of homosexual Catholic seminarians, clergy and religious in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. It was Baum who appointed Rev. George Stallings as Vocations Director for the archdiocese. In 1989, after Stallings was accused of molesting an altar boy, he left the Church to found his own church, the Imani Temple.” The Rite of Sodomy, Randy Engel (guess ok for some sodomites and pedophile protectors to be cardinals)

    Here’s Neumayr’s Catholic World Report defending Taylor Marshall & his N.O. Bishop Olson’s take down of Fisher More Traditional Catholic College (so what org is Neumayr and his friends cleaning up?)

    How bishop olson defines faith

    The Remnant on Bishop Olson:

    Taylor accused fisher more president of fin'l mismanagement (after TM demanded a salary of $300k per year), but nothing about his own fin’l mismanagement (maybe neumayr could research since he cares so much for the young)

    Wonder what ‘new’ st Thomas institute is anyway? Guess it’s like the new mass (from the protestant perspective). Like all them ‘new man’ catholic u student centers…

    It’s hard to believe that you don’t recognize Whore Bergoglio in Whore New Mire.

  8. Anonymous,

    You should start a blog or write some articles exposing what you feel isn't being exposed. Put it together coherently. Yes, we know that Viagno and Tim Busch of Opus Dei are connected. Most Novus Ordo religious media organizations in the world have a connection if not are controlled by Opus Dei. If you had read this blog, you'd know that we are no fans of them. We've written of Opus Dei's connection to the rabbis, Talmud, and Kabbalah. There isn't time enough to write all we'd like too. Seriously, start a blog and write.

    God bless,


  9. Sorry but personally I'd rather have Wuerl's vision of America than Gomez. You are entitled to your own opinion but at least wuerl isn't shilling for illegal aliens to invade U.S. At least wuerl and bransfield are not communists. At least wuerl (and Bransfield) are not philistines who want to destroy the Western cultural heritage of the Catholic Church.

    Imagine your site fomenting communist class warfare to tear down "the hierarchy" of the Catholic Church and turn well off middle class into a jealous mob--not for heresy but because Wuerl is apparently living in the same residence where "cardinal" baum resided. Wuerl has a cook. Wuerl has a chauffeur. Rossi has a 'luxury' apartment. Doesn't Tim Busch? What about his $1,750 conferences--who can afford to attend them? Where does Neumayr live? What's Neumayr's salary? Interview Neumayr--ask him if he's a communist. And if he ain't--then why is he fomenting class warfare (but only against some priests)--and why are you assisting him?

  10. Goodness,some Men and Eomen on this blog can leave extremely long comments.