Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Circus Maximus is used for pagan fun and games again!

Immodesty was out in full force.

(click images to enlarge — censored with black, green, and yellow colors)

Nothing says one loves Francis than dressing immodestly.

‘Give me a spiritual hug Francis!’

The adoring crowd came out to see their revolutionary hero!

Guys got in on the immodest dress as well.

Even the handicap participated in the immodesty. Did Francis kiss this guy?

Stick your tongue out like Kali and take a selfie!

‘We want Francis the Most Humble!’

We wonder would this same crowd be cheering him if the event took place two weeks later?

Got to get a selfie with the ‘King of Selfies’

Do the Italian youth today still adore Francis the head of the Gay Mafia?

Francis met with an announced mob of 70,000 youth (in reality around 30,000) on 11 August 2018 at the Circus Maximus for some Novus Ordo fun, under the guise of a prayer meeting!

Francis also got this wooden staff (which many are calling a stang) to add to his collection of ferulas which mock the Catholic Faith and Our Lord’s Crucifixion.

Close-up of the ugly crozier.


  1. It seems Jesus' hands are cut off in this crozier (and that's a good thing-Jesus isn't there participating in the devil's work). Used to be VC2 was always telling the stinking of mortal sin (i.e. dead as Lazaraus) sheep that they were the 'hands and feet' of Jesus. But now we see the truth. What do these 'hands up' mean?



  2. In estoric circles it is a a ¨trident¨ whoever orchestrated it knew what they were doing. Q is are they suggesting he is a high level occultist by handing it to him or just naive? It is not as if the high and mighty pay homage to him.

  3. Pope Loki? Loki in the Avengers movie had the same staff.