Monday, October 22, 2018

The Epitome of the Novus Ordo

Below is a chapel in the San Ignacio Jesuit Center in Salamanca, Spain. This chapel won the award for “best religious space 2018” from Faith & Form’s Annual Religious Art and Architecture Design Awards“The Faith & Form association, is based in Washington and supported by the Vatican.”

The ‘Chapel of Encounter’ demonstrates what
the Novus Ordo is — empty, sterile, and cold.

Francis loves speaking about “encounter!”


  1. I expect a image of PF's head to appear in the red area and bellow, "I am the Great and Powerful Oz!"

  2. gotta say...hoping when I die I dont wake up in that chapel,because I will know immediately I am in Hell...

  3. Ah yes, I see it now. This is the great tampon of the church of enlightened ecumenism. N’est pas?