Wednesday, October 3, 2018

the new evangelization in the diocese of Atlanta

The Novus Ordo Catechism is a joke!

If it’s not fun, it’s not the Novus Ordo!




  3. Catechesis is not a joke– nor unclean entertainment (i.e. the corruption of minors). What does this mean “comedy used to impact catechism” (the title of the video)? come into forcible contact with another object."the shell impacted twenty yards away" synonyms: crash into, smash into, collide with, hit, strike, ram, smack into, bang into, slam into "a comet impacted the earth sixty million years ago" 2. have a strong effect on someone or something. "high interest rates have impacted on retail spending" synonyms: affect, influence, have an effect on, make an impression on; hit, touch, change, alter, modify, transform, shape; have a strong effect on someone or something.
    @ 2:50 “in a world where it seems entertainment cannot be clean, Lemo (sp?) is able to respond to popular culture in a way that builds people up and still makes them laugh” @ 3:00 “having 4 guys up there having fun you know working together we we hope that’s attractive to them. You know you can be funny and it can be clean…” but look at the mixed group of tweens @2:58 covering their mouths and hanging their heads and begin to wonder what/why are 4 adult men teaching/entertaining these children. [Parse the only catechetical remark in the whole video by the ‘entertainer’ (right before thanking ‘you guys’ you’ve been a wonderful audience, we really enjoyed it): “I like to think Jesus had (past tense) a sense of humor.”]
    Which brings me to the youth synod where Francis and his gang are corrupting all these conservative bloggers’ children and grandchildren. They act like that’s a joke also: blogging about Francis’ ‘stang’ and pretending to be concerned that 88 year old McCarrick is living next door to a school. But then Francis and his gang have been catechizing them for 50+ years also. While all the VC2 changes that liberated the clergy from their religious habits and morals have got to be turned back, the changes that empowered the laity to have a voice in the church and liberated them (from modest dresses and veils, suits and ties, the pledge of decency and a baby every year) are what is going to save the Church (Bishop Sheen said). So now today, LifeSite News has published an article by Scott Hahn demanding that sexual predators, specifically McCarrick, be excommunicated rather than laicized, because laicizing them– wait for it – is an insult to the laity who are called to be holy too. One could say the revolution was eating its own, but it is beyond belief that any Catholic would call for the excommunication of repentant sinners (someone living a life of prayer and penance) from the one true church that He established to save sinners and think they were somehow pleasing God w/their own ‘holiness.’ [Meanwhile heretics and apostates are fine to stay—though SOME must resign because they knew about McCarrick and said nothing, but others who knew and said nothing don't have to resign because they're not from Pittsburgh and don't have a papal foundation.]
    These are the ‘holy’ and honorable laity hiring FBI agents to investigate cardinals. Honorees Tim and Steph (tricked out like a whorehouse madam) Busch and Archbishop Viganò meet for a photo with Very Rev. Peter Harman and all Their Eminences present at the Dinner.