Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The youth participate at the Synod on Young People

The “throw away culture” on display
in the Paul VI Audience Hall.

(See the video at 5:06 - 9:41  &  42:08 - 43:29)


  1. I picture to myself Pius X (Saint!) and Pius XI, and Pius XII sitting still for this crap (excuse me). I also picture to myself any 'youth' with or without parental support daring to cavort in front of a Pope in this foolish, disrespectful, sexually charged manner. These pictures say it all: the Church has turned to the world, completely, to the world with all of its sin, error, false teaching, perversion, greed, envy, pride, anger...In the good old days the Church was a bulwark against the world. She spoke to the world (and young people) about love for God, how He must be adored, worshiped, and thanked - now these pictures tell the modernist tale.

    God help these poorly taught, self indulgent foolish young men and women.

  2. The throw up culture.

  3. Pius XII promoted Bishop Montini (future Paul VI) to Archbishop of Milan.
    This is the same office Bishop Ratti held before being elected/coronated as Pius XI.
    Pius XII knew this was an extremely important promotion for the Modernist Paul VI.
    Pius XII also destroyed multiple ancient venerable apostolic traditions from 1951-1958.
    What Pius XII did to liturgy and tradition is far far underestimated!!
    Many of the radical Cardinals and Bishops at Vatican 2 were also promoted by Pius XII from 1939-1958.
    I'm going to do disagree and personally believe Pius XII would be proud of his spiritual Son aka Bishop Montini.(false Pope Paul VI)