Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Some things to ponder...

David Rene James de Rothschild (head of the Rothschild family) with Dr. Neil Rosenstein, author of ‘The Unbroken Chain’ 

It’s logical to conclude that the entire conspiracy racket and alt-right are therefore controlled golems.

The World Jewish Congress checking up on their man, Francis the ‘humble’ hasidic pope, in the Vatican
The Catholic media is consequently controlled.

What more needs to be said?  Conspiracy writers and reporters in the medias whether they be mainstream, alternative, conservative, liberal, Catholic, protestant, Jewish, et al., all have access to the same information as we at Call Me Jorge... do. This isn’t rocket scientry or top secret nuclear tech, it’s so blatantly in the open — it’s as if they are rubbing your face in it! So why the silence? And why does the public continue to look towards these people for information?

For more about David Rene James de Rothschild’s background and trip to the Vatican with the World Jewish Congress, see: Humble Pope Francis of the 'poor Church' to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate with Scion of Rothschild Usury Dynasty and Multibillionaire Ronald Lauder.  Those who want to read the ‘joke’ Francis relishes telling every Talmudic Jew he knows, see: Francis tells his favorite blasphemous joke again!.

— The Unbroken Chain —

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  1. The blinders are certainly off your eyes. Does the Church and Govt. of Rothschild run the entire operation including the so called conservative-traditional catholic media and of course the secular MSM. You bet. A "Church", rather a synagogue, that openly cooperates and promotes the executioners of the Christ.....how obvious is this. The higher ups are all on the payroll and they have a very nice Rothschild, Mossad, CIA media to protect, mislead and distort. Plenty of honors, (sex) and money if you are on board. Look at the unravelling of the fake Lucy story happening at RadTrad Thomist....the real Lucy certainly having been eliminated. Blockbuster story...anyone in the "conserv-Trad" media picking up on this HUGE story? No. The best way to control the opposition is to run it, Lenin.