Monday, December 17, 2018

Frankie the ‘Yid’ rebukes Jesus

Over two years ago Francis visited Comunità di Villa Nazareth, a school to help prepare orphans and children from large poor families for civil life, answered questions from students and gave them advice. One of the boys who asked Francis if he ever had a crisis of faith, to which Francis replied:

“So many times I find I am in crisis with the faith, sometimes I have the audacity to rebuke Jesus, and also to doubt. Will this be the truth? But it will be a dream?” [Then] Bergoglio explained to the youngsters that this has happened to him, “as a boy, as a seminarian, as a religious, as a priest, as a bishop and even as the Pope.” 
Francis says he often doubts his faith and even rebukes Christ!, Call Me Jorge..., (24 June 2016).

In this answer, Francis' Talmudic inner-Jew shines forth as it shows off its Yiddish chutzpah.


Let Francis’ buddy, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, explain God’s reaction to being rebuked, “My children have defeated Me, My children have defeated Me!”  So there you have it dear reader, you now know why Francis rebukes Jesus daily as he goes about correcting God’s mistakes! 

More on chutzpah:

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