Monday, December 31, 2018

Greg Burke & Paloma García Ovejero resign!

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Corrected version of Dr. Paolo Ruffini’s statement on the resignations.

Antonio Spadaro might have his name on the front cover but Alessandro Gisotti did 
the yeoman’s work on these two books of Francis’ Casa Santa Marta homilies.


  1. Just a comment from your Twitter on Jewish Conscience of the Church Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council by Norman C. Tobias, preface by , Gregory Baum (link:
    I have just read "A.A. 1025: Memoirs of an Infiltrator into the Catholic Church" again and doing a bit of research into Gregory Baum aren't their lives very similar, has anyone else thought so?

  2. Do you consider yourself Catholic? I see a lot of hate here, probably you are another protestant.

    1. According to Bergoglio Protestants are witnesses to the Gospel.

    2. Do you know what is hate?. You hate someone so much that you want to kill them, to torture them, to make them suffer, to ruin their lives. And when you do, you feel a great pleasure that makes you feel strong, very very strong. I am not feeling this right now, and i do not think the editor of this website is hateful. That is your own opinion.

      Giving information about why the novus ordo is protestant, is not hateful: is caring for people eternal souls. If we sound severe in our information, then just remember who call the pharisees "brood of vipers". We need to be cool-minded and respectful, but this does not mean weak - just see what happens with abusive novus ordo priests. In the other hand, how can a "pope" who denies dogmas can be called Catholic?. That means he is not pope, because if the church can give heresy, invalid sacraments and poisonous doctrines, then she is not the Church. If i am giving to much new information, i would recommend you to do your own research without thinking we hate.
      For Greater Glory of God
      Long Life Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    3. By the way, some of us may look "antisemite". This is not like this. Some Jewish people are very involved with freemasonry and talmudism, which are occult and cause damage to people. It is not "hateful" to pray for the Jews and become to Christ. That is what the Church teaches also with pagans and protestants and novus ordos.
      When you actually hate Jewish people, that is wrong, because you should not be like that with potential Christians.
      For Greater Glory of God,
      Long Life Christ the King and Our Lady of Guadalupe