Monday, December 10, 2018

‘Yeah mon, it’s reggae time!’ — the new evangelization in Canada, eh!?

Fr. Mario is a ‘Christ-afarian’

Sacred is a concept which doesn’t exist in the Novus Ordo.

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  1. Truly, this is a horror. I can't listen to all of it. To hear an obviously effeminate talking to children, encouraging them to think like the world, CARE deeply about race, as if only a "black pope" is going to bring them something worth having, of all things, change and "rhythm"! This effeminate is just like all racists I have known, they pay homage to the skin color and culture they themselves worship and admire, something different from themselves, but underneath it is plain old racism, the idea that pigment and rhythm matters more than all other characteristics.

    This "priest" should not be a priest. I pray nobody leaves their boys or young men with him, that would be insane. This man will lead his flock only to the world. To see a dancing priest in a dashiki, is a tragedy of the highest magnitude. HE is the reason the Church will collapse. Watch out, here comes the conga line!
    To him Christ is "friend", but he left out Redeemer, Savior, and God. He is all those as well. What a tragedy.