Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Paul Hernandez Investigates — Mr. William Edward Moran

The Mexican Exorcist from Arizona who, ‘No hablo español’, has reached his decision.

The layman who styles himself ‘archbishop’ has excommunicated another person* in the video comments for doubting the conclusion of this video!  You can’t make this insanity up!

*Sadly Mr. William Edward Moran removed this comment, “You are certainly excommunicated” as his reply to the comment from the user Byron Roy and we at Call Me Jorge... didn’t get a screenshot of it.

January 16 2019
Dear Archbishop Ambrose,

Please be Advised that to this date final sufficient verification required by the Church to use your episcopal powers for our Seminary is not in our hands. You have been asked and given ample time to provide the necessary certificates with real clear authentication. You have not done so. We did all we could on our part to facilitate your obtention of all necessary proofs. Hence, We cannot proceed with any allowance of your services in capacity of Bishop for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seminary.

In Christ,

Fr Joseph Pfeiffer

Letter to Ambrose Moran by Fr. Pfeiffer - January 16, 2019, The Catacombs Forum, 21 January 2019

Remember, Fr. Pfeiffer had this con-artist laymen, Mr. William Edward Moran: offer masses at his seminary; told pewsitters to attend Mr. Moran’s masses; then said the seminary would not associate with Mr. Moran; while he stashed Mr. Moran at one of his supporters homes; and had Mr. Moran conditionally ordain a Novus Ordo priest, Fr. Poisson.

The one thing that is consistent here is the sheer insanity of it all!

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