Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mohamed and his 'holy' koran praised in Spanish Cathedral of La Almudena

Allah is the only true god and Mohamed is his prophet

Sufi Dervishes spinning

More Dervishes

Song in honor of Mohamed

Better quality videos of the Moslems

Of course the elder brothers were there too...

It was all part of an interreligous concert sponsored by UNESCO. One can read more about it on the Archdiocese of Madrid’s website, La catedral de la Almudena acogerá la VI edición del concierto de Tres Culturas.

This concert of false religions is quintessential Novus Ordo.


  1. 7 centuries of struggle down the drain. On stroke of revolution and it's all gone, in the times after the total collapse of the Western civillization. And there is a lot of geniuses still that beleve we are in PROGRESS

  2. I would like to read the Holy Bible in a mosque!!!


  3. The Cathedral of La Almudena takes its name from the statue of the Virgin Mary with the Infant. As a recluse, it survived in the walls of the muslim citadel (Al Mudayna) for over three centuries. She was found on November 9, 1085, on the feast of dedication of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran. Two candles were still lit next to the statue.
    Why two? Because it's about the second light. It is about the fire that our Lord Jesus wanted to throw on the earth. This Fire has a name: it's the Paraclete. He, Parclete, is the Second Comforter whom the Virgin Mary brings to the Church during the greatest persecutions. He will overcome contemporary Arians (Roman clergy who have lost faith in the Deity of Jesus Christ) and those ancient ones in the form of islam and talmudism.