Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sister Cristina returns singing Lady Gaga’s LGBT Anthem ‘Born This Way’

“Born This Way deals with the theme of diversity, and, in my opinion, it is important to remind everyone that despite being different, we are as precious as we are, because God does not make mistakes with anyone, exactly as the song says. We live in one evolved society that often tends to make differences and exclusions due to life choices or simply because the other is different from us.

Instead it is good to remember how diversity can only be an instrument of enrichment towards one another, can serve to build a more colorful world where everyone can bring his own color and we should not be scared of them!” 
— Suor Cristina 

Watch Suor Cristina’s Mother Superior cheer her on!

As if singing this anthem of perversion and making a mockery of the habit wasn’t bad enough, Cristina also plugs immodest dress with her gyrating back-up singers.  She’s an old hat at things like this.

“I am only a collaborator of Christ and I believe that in some way looking at the Church, perhaps even through this mission of mine, that pushes itself towards new paths of Evangelization, can help to shorten the distances and perhaps lead more souls to Christ (that is my main mission)!”


“It is my belief that all I do is prayer and has a missionary nature so that there are no contradictions between my being consecrated and the living of an experience in the world of entertainment...The encounter with Christ does not close us in ourselves but opens us to others and to new life experiences, so we accepted Pope Francis’ invitation to open the doors of our convent and go out, go into the world to reach all those places where the love of Christ has not been known yet.”

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  1. Born this way? Diversity? It sounds to me like this is a premise for debating from the father of all lies on how to rationalize deviant depravity. In the new testament did the prostitute argue to Jesus....Your Heavenly Father made me this way? We all know she humbled herself before Jesus and did as Jesus commanded which was to go her way and sin no more (avoid this sin

    How can "ordained" clergy state such sinful verbal discourse? It is truly tragic rank and file "catholics" are like lemmings and following misguided clergy off the cliff. Do they not realize they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit? A sin not forgiven;

    As for Lady... I will not type out the rest of her name. She is no lady but a malevolent seductress leading people into sin.

    Born this way? So there is no free will God endowed to all His children? What an irrational statement.

    It saddens the heart

  2. Bishop recycles Boby of Christ into a clock.