Monday, March 25, 2019

Touchy-Feely Frankie Doesn’t Want His Ring Kissed

This is from right after his mess today.

And yet Francis has no problem being touchy-feely...

...especially if you are a strapping acrobat, whom he seems to have no aversion to letting kiss his ring.


  1. Loreto is the sanctuary of the House of Nazareth owned by the Holy Family. The lady of this house is the Blessed Virgin and by exposing this rude behavior of this guy from the end of the world, She shows us that he is no-pope. The honor of the master of the house was fulfilled by Pope Sixtus V in the bronze monument welcoming pilgrims at the entrance to Loreto's basilica. This great benefactor of Loreto, was called the "iron pope", because to restore order in Rome and the Papal States, he sentenced thousands of bandits and clergy along with their lovers to the gallows. He belonged to the Franciscan order, so the true Francis appears in the background. The Franciscan Sixtus V, the Iron Pope, is an excellent prefiguration of the One "who was to rule all nations with an iron rod" [Reveletian 12, 5b] - that usurper in Vatican will not escape the attention of the Paraclete.

  2. He kisses the hands of Talmudic Jews, literally Pharisees, thus showing his utmost respect for those antichrists. This is simply unbelievable. The craziest accusations from the craziest blogs seem entirely plausible to any honest thinking man.

  3. He doesn't believe he's a Catholic pope, so why should we?

  4. He couldn't get his hand away fast enough, even pushing people out of the way.

    My question is, why would anyone want to touch the snake let alone put their lips anywhere on his body?

  5. Lanie, why would anyone want to visit him? It would be like going to a Mass where you Know that it would be invalid matter. The Body of Christ would not be there so any acts of reverence would be blasphemous.