Saturday, May 11, 2019

Francis, “I do not go to the witch” for strength and energy

...they (the witches) come to him!

A visiting female shaman performing an incantation on Francis in the Vatican.

Earlier this week...

On the airplane flight from North Macedonia to Rome... 
Peter Nanev, BTV: Good evening. Peter Nanev, BTV Bulgaria. [In English] It is more of a personal question, as Your Holiness, you’re like a human being, from where do you find strength in your body, in your spirit in cases when you have to give even more strength for a heavily sick child?

Francis: First of all I would like to tell you that I do not go to the witch... [laughs]. I do not know. I do not know, really. It is a gift from the Lord. When I am in a country, I forget everything, but not because I want to forget it, I forget it, and I am only there. And then this gives me perseverance, I don't know, but [when] I am on the trip I am not tired! Then I am tired! After! But where do I take the strength from? I believe that the Lord gives it to me, there is no explanation. I ask the Lord to be faithful, to serve him in this work of travels, that the trip will not be tourism. I ask. All is his grace. Nothing else comes to me to say. But then I do not do so much work, huh? Thank you.

Contrast that what Francis said in 2018...

On the papal airplane from Rome to Chile... 
“Loud laughter accompanied the joke Francis made in response to the query asked by Cristiana Caricato, a journalist of TV2000, who, (upon) greeting him, had asked him: “We want to know what the doctor gives you so that we can take it too, we who struggle just as you do” — a reference to Bergoglio’s stamina during these trips. “But I do not go to the doctor, I go to the witch!”, he said, laughing with gusto.”

Che medicine prendo? Vado dalla strega!, La Stampa, Vatican Insider, 15 January 2018, (English translation CMJ).

Liu Ming, Francis' personal witch since 2004, who practices Reiki energy on him.

More on the witches:


  1. Are you serious. Reiki.
    He is a horrible old pagan, a God-hater. No pope would get Reiki treatments unless they were into the occult.
    God help us. This is a battle of powers and principalities.

    1. That is sadly the truth.

      For those interested on Francis’ Reiki practitioner:

      source for quotes:

      “Es un viejo mantra taoísta que significa: “Luego de la luz, toda mala energía pierde su forma”


      “No hice otra cosa que redirigir la energía del cuerpo. ”


      “It is an old Taoist mantra which means: "After the light, all bad energy loses its form".“


      “I did nothing but redirect the energy of the body.”

      The energy manipulation - energy force healing equals Liu Ming practices Reiki.

      Here's a video where Liu Ming talks about energy manipulation:

  2. Your picture is from TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2017.