Monday, May 20, 2019

Gene Simmons Gives Pentagon Briefing

“America Is The Promi$ed Land For Everybody”...

...but, “This [Israel] is home.”

He’s a male even thought he wears high heels and make-up.

KISS’ emblem with the ‘ss’ resembling the Waffen SS.  Throught the years, Simmons has denied that KISS for ‘Knights in Satan’s Service’, ‘Kinder SS’, and ‘Kids in Satan’s Service’.

Gene Simmons born Chaim Witz at Rambam Hospital in 1949 in Tirat Carmel, Haifa, Israel dressed as his alter ego in the band ‘The Demon’ blowing fire.

Throwing the devil horns dressed as The Demon.

Raising money not for US soldiers but Israeli soldiers.

At Yad Vashem tribute.

Chaim Witz is fluent in Hebrew.

Chaim paying homage to the Indian goddess of Kali by sticking his tongue out.

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