Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Holy Land Pilgrimage with Taylor Marshall

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Holy Land Pilgrimage, New Saint Thomas Institute, 206 Tours - Pilgrimages, 30 May 2019

The company Taylor Marshall is using, like himself, is into numerology this time it’s based upon the false apparitions of Medjugorje.

About 206 Tours, 206 Tours, 3 June 2019

‘Tay’ tells you all about the pilgrimage

This is your “Spiritual Leader” on the Holy Land Pilgrimage

Easter Harlem Shake, On This Rock, Fr. John Hollowell’s blog, 31 March 2013

Special Guests: Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Family...

Learn the meaning of Christmas  to ask for presents and wear immodest clothing!

This isn’t one-time errant immodesty...

The handbook for the pilgrimage...

Marshall’s book ‘The Crucified Rabbi’ will be the basis for explaining Christ’s life and the Holy Land on this pilgrimage. In this book Marshall rightfully point outs “there is a vast difference between the biblical Judaism of Moses and the Talmudic Judaism of the rabbis in the centuries after Christ” but then proceeds to ignore this for the remainder of the book. He quotes from a censored version of the Talmud, takes rabbis at their word going so far as to take rabbinical concepts with no relation to the New Testament and proceed to create them out of thin air.  One example is the kippah worn by Talmudic Jews. Marshall explains this was done by Jews out of piety and imitation of the priests of the Temple hence Catholic clergy wear it, “because it is a sign that a man is wholly dedicated to the Lord.” As we have demonstrated on this blog quoting numerous rabbis, wearing a kippah is not biblical, it is Talmudic, and an outward anti-Christian sign. Besides the redacted Talmud, the author looks to a member of Opus Judei, protestant Bibles, rabbis, Maimonides, Jewish historians, and a Russian Orthodox priest to explain who Jesus was, the Sacraments, and the Church.  Reading it one also sees that Marshall uses errors of Protestantism. In fact, his book is so filled with errors, it would take a book itself to correct them all.  It should be apparent that with the few examples we gave and the screenshots above that Taylor Marshall doesn’t grasp much of the Catholic Faith or its practice. This shouldn’t be a surprise as in the book’s Acknowledgements he thanks — Hebrew-Catholics, Opus Judei members, and more than a few of the hierarchy caught up in the sexual crimes recently brought to light.  It suffices to say that this is not a book one should read much less use on a pilgrimage to explain anything about the Catholic Faith.



  1. Speaking as someone who thinks T&T are slandering SoBs.

    > Muh, numerology bad
    > numerous references to it in Holy Scripture and in Catholic tradition

  2. Tbh I don't see a problem with the Christmas card. It's modest and fairly innocuous.

  3. Yeah me neither. The top picture for example, the 3 kids had just finished a track meet. I don't think running in burkas is the best idea, but maybe you do? What's your real name btw?

  4. That being said I personally don't like how TM comes across, overall. Whatever happened to his buddy Tim Gordon?

    1. They broke up, for unspecified reasons. And Marshall refused to bring it up except once briefly, despite hundreds of comments asking about it. But Gordon and his wife are even more insufferable than Marshall, with numerous complaints about him and his ridiculous (and suspicious) pout, so maybe he realized Gordon was hurting his brand. Or maybe Gordon just demanded money hahahahaha